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8 Portraits of Ifan Seventeen's Stepchild's Birthday Surprise, The Gift is Concert Tickets - Beautiful Now Wearing Hijab

8 Portraits of Ifan Seventeen's Stepchild's Birthday Surprise, The Gift is Concert Tickets - Beautiful Now Wearing Hijab Potret kejutan ultah anak sambung Ifan Seveenten (credit: - Ifan Seventeen has just celebrated the birthday of his stepchild with Citra Monica. Interestingly, the singer of the song Kemarin gave a gift in the form of concert tickets to his stepdaughter.

The happy moment of Citra Monica's child's birthday celebration was shared through social media accounts. In the photos, this celebrity family is seen as harmonious and full of love.

Moreover, Ifan Seventeen seems to show equal love to his biological and stepchildren. This 41-year-old singer is seen treating Safa Ricci as his own child and fulfilling the dreams of his stepdaughter.

Curious about the photos of Ifan Seventeen's surprise birthday for his stepchild? Check it out here KLovers.

1. Portrait of Ifan Seventeen's Stepchild's Birthday Surprise

Ifan Seventeen recently gave a sweet birthday surprise to his stepchild, Safa Ricci. This happy moment was filled with family warmth while celebrating Citra Monica's child's birthday. In his latest post, there is a moment when Ifan Seventeen and his wife surprise Safa Ricci at midnight.

2. Turns 22 Years Old

Ifan Seventeen's stepchild is now known to be 22 years old. Meanwhile, the surprise began when Citra Monica and Ifan Seventeen secretly entered their stepdaughter's room to surprise her. Some close relatives also gathered to celebrate Safa Ricci's birthday. This is a portrait of Safa Ricci's reaction upon seeing the surprise prepared.

3. Bring a Bruno Mars Themed Cake

Safa Ricci seemed unsuspecting when she received a Bruno Mars themed birthday cake. The birthday cake is purple with a Bruno Mars concert poster. Interestingly, the birthday cake also has the concert date in Jakarta in September 2024.

4. Instantly Surprised upon Seeing the Birthday Cake

Seeing the birthday cake, Safa Ricci was immediately excited. Her expression showed her disbelief when her parents prepared a Bruno Mars themed birthday cake. This moment was captured and added to the complete happiness on Safa Ricci's birthday.

5. Receiving Concert Tickets

Not only a birthday cake, Citra Monica and Ifan Seventeen also gave a special gift that Safa Ricci had been dreaming of. Apparently, this celebrity couple has prepared Bruno Mars concert tickets for their daughter. Seeing this special gift, Safa Ricci looked so excited. Interestingly, this is the first time Citra Monica bought concert tickets for her daughter because usually the gifts given are something more useful for her daughter.

"Usually, I never want to buy her tickets to watch concerts, if she wants to watch, she has to save money and buy them herself. But this time, because her birthday is special, with her father's permission, we finally bought Bruno Mars concert tickets for her. Happy birthday, Ricci! Enjoy the concert and hopefully this moment will be the most exciting and memorable!" Wrote Citra Monica in the caption @citra_monica.

6. Very Happy

The happiness is clearly seen on Safa Ricci's face when receiving the concert ticket gift. The gift and surprise given by Citra Monica and Ifan Seventeen truly made Safa Ricci's birthday very special. Meanwhile, Ifan Seventeen showed his attention and love to his stepdaughter as if she were his own child.

"Barakallahu fii umrik anak wedok sulung who is very happy to be given Bruno Mars concert ticket gift. Kids nowadays," wrote Ifan Seventeen in the caption @ifanseventeen.

7. Celebrating Birthday Dinner

Birthday celebrations don't just stop there. In fact, Ifan Seventeen and his family also held a dinner to celebrate Safa Ricci's birthday. This celebrity family seemed to enjoy Safa Ricci's birthday dinner at a restaurant. The warm moments captured from this celebrity family's togetherness looked so happy.

8. Now Beautiful with Hijab

Meanwhile, Safa Ricci now looks stunning after wearing a hijab. Her new appearance adds a refreshing impression, reflecting positive changes. This is the latest portrait of Safa Ricci with her beautiful hijab during her 22nd birthday dinner.

That's the portrait of Ifan Seventeen surprising his stepchild, Safa Ricci, on her birthday. This birthday celebration not only shows Ifan's love for his stepchild but also depicts the harmony of his marriage with Citra Monica.


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