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Elma Theana Shares Her Experience of Getting Filler Injections on Her Face: Cannot Just Inject

Elma Theana Shares Her Experience of Getting Filler Injections on Her Face: Cannot Just Inject Kafril - Artist Elma Theana apparently had an unpleasant experience during a treatment. One of the most memorable ones was when she got fillers on her face. The result was not what she expected. Instead, she ended up with uneven texture on her face after getting the filler.

This experience traumatized her, especially since it was her first time trying fillers on her face. Eventually, Elma received a recommendation from a friend to try a filler treatment. However, Elma admitted that she still felt scared, but she gathered the courage to try fillers again with Dr. Kristian Sanjaya, S.H., M.Biomed.

"But it turned out to be unsuitable for me. After the injection, I had lumps under my eyes. The injection did not blend well. I swore off fillers," said Elma Theana when met at the event 'Embracing Diverse Beauty with The Versatility of HA Filler' in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, on Monday (10/6).

"I even flew to Solo for fillers with Dr. Kristian who practices there. Dr. Kris didn't just start injecting right away, he first studied my face. He measured it first," she continued.

1. Different Injection Techniques

When asked further, Elma explained that the technique used by the Doctor was different from previous treatments.

"Doctor Kris injects using a technique like embroidery. He also looks at the less prominent parts of my cheeks and adds filler," she said.

2. The Importance of Choosing a Beauty Doctor

On the same occasion, Dr. Kristian Sanjaya emphasized the importance of anatomical knowledge for a doctor in injecting fillers into patients' faces. In addition, Dr. Kristian carefully performs fillers and is willing to refuse patients who want excessive results.

Elma Theana's experience further enlightens beauty enthusiasts about the importance of choosing a competent beauty doctor. Moreover, filler procedures do require special skills to minimize unwanted risks.

"Doctors cannot just inject randomly, they must know anatomy. This person is a doctor's portfolio, but when people see this person's face drastically change and it was injected by a doctor, then others don't want to come to us. This is the artwork of a doctor," said Dr. Kristian.


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