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Long-time Dream, Here are the Facts of Dian Nitami's Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Long-time Dream, Here are the Facts of Dian Nitami's Plastic Surgery in South Korea © - Dian Nitami, the wife of actor Anjasmara, recently uploaded photos of her undergoing a facelift plastic surgery in South Korea. The surgery was performed to reduce wrinkles on her face.

Apparently, this has been Dian's dream since the age of 40. In her Instagram post, Dian revealed that this action is also a 25th wedding anniversary gift to herself and Anjasmara. She thanked her husband for his support in realizing her desire.

"Thank you, my dear husband, for giving permission and support. I love you," wrote Dian Nitami.

1. Plastic Surgery in Gangnam Area

Dian Nitami chose to undergo plastic surgery in South Korea, at a clinic located in the Gangnam area of Seoul. This facelift surgery was performed to lift sagging and wrinkled skin on her face.

Dian admitted that she had wanted to undergo this beauty procedure for a long time and finally decided to have the surgery at the age of 53.

2. Costs Hundreds of Millions

This facelift plastic surgery is not cheap, with costs ranging from Rp500 to Rp600 million. However, both Dian Nitami and Anjasmara have abundant wealth.

Anjasmara has a wealth of up to Rp20 billion. This wealth comes from various businesses and professions that he is involved in, including a travel agency.

3. Initially Hesitant to Undergo Facelift

Dian also revealed that she was afraid of hospitals and had doubts before deciding to undergo the facelift. However, after conducting research and asking many questions, she finally decided to get rid of wrinkles and tighten her facial skin.

Anjasmara's support was crucial for Dian Nitami in undergoing plastic surgery. Dian revealed that Anjasmara had given permission and full support to fulfill her desire. This support meant a lot to Dian.

4. Want to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Dian Nitami chose to undergo plastic surgery at a clinic located in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. The clinic was chosen because of its good reputation and doctors who are experts in the field of plastic surgery.

After the surgery, the stitches on Dian's face can be removed. Dian can't wait to see the results of the surgery and hopes to have a more youthful appearance. Once again, this surgery is not intended to change the shape of the face, but to eliminate wrinkles and tighten the skin.


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