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Profile and Biodata of Riyuka Bunga, a Funny Celebgram Who Divorced Heri Horeh Due to Infidelity

Profile and Biodata of Riyuka Bunga, a Funny Celebgram Who Divorced Heri Horeh Due to Infidelity (Source: Instagram @riyukabunga) - Riyuka Bunga, a native of Bogor, now lives in Citayam, Depok with her husband and children. Riyuka, born in Bogor on September 29, 1989, actually has the real name Bunga Septiani Rohan. She is married to a comedian named Heri Horeh.

Riyuka Bunga and Heri Horeh, known as TikTokers couple, often appear funny in their various content. However, recently Riyuka Bunga surprised many people by revealing evidence of her husband's infidelity.

This infidelity was revealed when Heri Horeh was caught having intimate chats with another woman. Instagram account @lambegosiip reposted the chat between Heri and a contact named Jj, which was revealed by Riyuka Bunga. It turns out that Jj is a woman whom Heri had a crush on in 2012.

So, who is Riyuka Bunga really? Read the complete profile and biodata of Riyuka Bunga in the review summarized on Friday (14/06/2024).

1. Profile and Biodata of Riyuka Bunga

Riyuka Bunga, whose full name is Bunga Septiani Rohan, was born in Bogor, West Java, on September 29, 1989. She is known as a content creator who often shares comedy content on her personal social media. Riyuka Bunga started her career as a content creator around 2020.

Initially, she uploaded lipsync videos, dances, and question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions with her followers on Instagram and TikTok. What is interesting about her content is her frequent inclusion of comedy with a funny and unique style. In addition to being entertaining, Riyuka Bunga is also skilled in makeup.

One of the most liked content by netizens is when Riyuka Bunga uploads videos of complaints with a characteristic Betawi dialect. Her funny banter greatly entertains viewers. Riyuka Bunga has a TikTok account @riyukabunga with 3.9 million followers and an Instagram account @riyukabunga with 1 million followers.

2. It's Harder to Be Funny Than to Sing

According to him, being a comedian is harder compared to being a singer. A singer can perform with one song at various events and still receive appreciation from the audience.

However, for a comedian, one story idea cannot be used repeatedly at various events because it will be considered outdated and has been done before. The audience prefers new and fresh jokes.

3. An Insecure and Reserved Figure

Riyuka Bunga revealed that she tends to be reserved and feels insecure. She rarely jokes in front of a large audience.

Bunga started her career in sketch comedy, often compared to senior figures in the industry, although they are not bothered. She is the type of person who is always worried about making mistakes.

4. TikTok Celeb

Riyuka Bunga is known for the comedy she brings on TikTok since 2020. The creative and funny content she creates with her husband always brings laughter, even though her husband never appears in the frame, only his voice can be heard.

Nevertheless, the humor of this couple is very entertaining. Currently, her account has around 2.5 million followers. Although she initially lacked confidence, she continues to create TikTok content for financial reasons. Thanks to her talent in humor, she has now become famous and successfully entertains her fans.

5. Makeup Pro

Turns out Bunga is skilled in makeup. She often shares photos of her makeup results on Instagram and TikTok. However, she prefers to create entertaining sketch content rather than focusing solely on makeup.

6. Riyuka Bunga's Ambition

Talking about her ambition, she honestly expressed her desire to become rich. Even since she was a child, she admitted to having that dream. Luck is on her side because now she is married to Heri Horeh, who is known as a wealthy person. Not only that, Heri Horeh is also known as a caring person towards his family.

7. Divorcing Heri Horeh

Riyuka Bunga married Heri Horeh about a decade ago. From that marriage, they have been blessed with children. However, unfortunately, the marriage is now on the verge of breaking up.

Riyuka Bunga is determined to file for divorce from Heri Horeh because the comedian was caught cheating with a woman from his past. Riyuka admits that she can no longer tolerate her husband's habit of cheating.

It is known that previously, Heri Horeh also cheated in 2022 with a different woman. Well, that's the profile and portrait of Riyuka Bunga that went viral after revealing the intimate chat between Heri Horeh and Jj, his past crush.

8. Netizens are also curious about this topic

Who is Riyuka Bunga's husband?

TikToker Riyuka Bunga revealed the content of a conversation between her husband, Heri Horeh, and a woman who is suspected to be the third party.

Where does Riyuka Bunga live?

Riyuka Bunga, a native of Bogor, now resides in Citayam, Depok, with her husband and children.


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