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Ready to Air on June 6, 2024, Documentary Film 'HARTA TAHTA RAISA' Initially Rejected by PH

Ready to Air on June 6, 2024, Documentary Film 'HARTA TAHTA RAISA' Initially Rejected by PH Raisa © Herdianto - Singer Raisa Adriana made a documentary film titled HARTA TAHTA RAISA. This film is produced by Imajinari in collaboration with Juni Records. Adryanto Pratono, also known as Boim, Raisa's manager and CEO of Juni Records, tells the story of the beginning of the film HARTA TAHTA RAISA.

Boim said that the documentary film HARTA TAHTA RAISA was initially rejected by one of the Production Houses (PH) for production. However, the film eventually found a home with Imajinari.

"Honestly, the first pitching was not at Imajinari. But I was rejected, and then Imajinari didn't exist at that time, and then Dipa was invited to the podcast, pitching to Dipa, 'Dip has a concert, let's pitch lightly while we continue to make it, it's called a complete documentary while we continue to record,'" said Boim when met at XXI Plaza Senayan, Tuesday (23/4).

"Well, around the end of 2022, so this journey has been very long. Imajinari said yes, so we started recording intensively again and Soleh was appointed as the director," he added.

1. About the Struggle of the Solo Concert at GBK

Boim's desire to make a documentary film HARTA TAHTA RAISA is because he wants to inform the results of Raisa's struggle to successfully hold a solo concert at Gelora Bung Karno in 2023.

As we know, Raisa was supposed to hold a concert in 2019. But due to the pandemic, the concert was postponed and held in 2023.

"Yes, this idea came from me. Maybe you guys remember that I started working on this concert initiative in 2019 and it was realized in February 2023. It's been 4 years, can you imagine? And I thought it was enough to be documented, besides photos, of course, we want visuals. So we started assembling the team," said Boim.

2. Raisa Admits to Being Nervous

The trailer and official poster for the documentary film HARTA TAHTA RAISA were officially released on April 23, 2023. Raisa, who saw the documentary trailer for the first time, admitted to feeling nervous.

"Honestly, it's really difficult for me to see myself. My comments to Kang Soleh Solihun, to Kak Dipa, I could feel the nervousness," said Raisa.

The film HARTA TAHTA RAISA will showcase a series of photos and videos about herself and her career. These footage will certainly be a special treat for her fans.

"What's interesting and exclusive about the documentary is the footage that we have never seen before. The ones that have never been published, never been on social media or anywhere else," concluded Raisa.


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