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Dinar Candy Says Nikita Mirzani Will Be Bar Bar Again After Breaking Up with Rizky Irmansyah

Dinar Candy Says Nikita Mirzani Will Be Bar Bar Again After Breaking Up with Rizky Irmansyah Dinar Candy and Nikita Mirzani © Akrom Sukarya - Dinar Candy feels a lot of changes in her friend, Nikita Mirzani, since dating Rizky Irmansyah. The mother of three is said to have become calmer and not as bar bar as when she first met Nikita.

However, a different scene is seen from Nikita Mirzani. The 38-year-old woman provided full support when Dinar was boxing against Ayu Aulia.

1. Nikita Becomes Calmer

Beside the ring, Nikita shouted to encourage Dinar to deliver a powerful blow to Ayu. Finally, Dinar was able to achieve her third medal in the Holywings Sports Show (HSS) fifth series at Indonesia Arena, in Gelora Bung Karno Complex, Senayan.

"Seems like she (Nikita) is not dating anymore, she wants to start fresh," said Dinar after the match, Sunday (21/4/2024).

"I'm a bit surprised that now Niki is being nice, calm, different. As far as I know, Niki is a wild person and usually her behavior goes viral, I'm confused why she's being so good, but I think maybe she has changed," she continued.

2. Grateful

Dinar is grateful that Nikita took the time to attend and witness her fight against Ayu in person. Moreover, if Nikita can return to the way she used to be.

"But now it seems like she's starting to be wild again," Dinar said.

In addition, Nikita went up on stage to give a gift on Dinar's 31st birthday, which fell on April 21, 2024. Therefore, winning against Ayu is the most beautiful gift in her life.

"Yes, thank God (for the surprise), it hasn't been opened yet (the gift), I will unbox it at home later. Earlier, I was given flowers, given a gift, it was also a surprise, it's rare for Niki to give a gift," she concluded.


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