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Ground Floor with Wooden Walls, Here's a Portrait of Pratama Arhan's House Before Renovation

Ground Floor with Wooden Walls, Here's a Portrait of Pratama Arhan's House Before Renovation Portrait of Pratama Arhan's house before renovation (Source: Youtube/ Imam Juna) - The attention of the public is once again drawn to Pratama Arhan after marrying Azizah Salsha, the daughter of a prominent figure in the business and political world, Andre Rosiade. Their marriage has caused a big surprise because their relationship has never been announced to the public.

In addition to the marriage, attention is also focused on Pratama Arhan's residence in Blora. Before achieving success as a football player, Arhan spent his childhood in a very simple house. Before undergoing renovation, the house stood with a soil floor and wooden walls.

Want to know what Pratama Arhan's house looked like before the renovation process? Check out the portrait that has been summarized on Tuesday (14/05/2024).

1. Dominant Green Color

The Pratama Arhan house in Blora, Central Java, looks big and spacious with striking green paint. The facade of this building is highlighted by bright yellow accents on the pillars, doors, and windows.

2. There is a Small Shop

Apparently, Pratama Arhan's residence in the village is used as a posyandu location. In addition, the building next to it is also used as a small shop that provides various household needs.

3. Walls Made of Wood

On March 28, 2022, the demolition process of Pratama Arhan's house began. Inside the house, green color dominates the view. All of Arhan's house walls are built using wood, including the door. The roof is not equipped with a ceiling, so the roof tiles can be seen.

4. Simple Wooden Furniture

Inside Arhan's house, the design is very simple with furniture made of wood. Including tables, chairs, and a bed placed in front of the TV room.

5. Earthen Floor

In Pratama Arhan's house, which is now the home of Azizah Salsha, the floor is not made of ceramics or marble, but from soil and gravel. This condition contrasts greatly with the life of his wife who comes from a conglomerate family.

6. Pratama Arhan's Bedroom

With green painted walls, Pratama Arhan's room has a neat and tidy appearance. Various photos of his family members adorn the walls. Although not large, the room feels comfortable even with only a few pieces of furniture stored inside.

7. Now Already Renovated

From the outside, it can be seen that the residence owned by the Arhan family has a large and spacious dimension, divided into two structures. The first structure functions as the main house, while the second is used as the kitchen area. Currently, the house has undergone renovation thanks to Arhan's hard work in his football career.

8. Some Questions from Netizens About Pratama Arhan

9. Where is Pratama Arhan's Village?

Pratama Arhan, a 22-year-old athlete, returned to his home in Sidomulyo Village, Banjarejo District, Blora Regency, Central Java. His arrival was greeted with enthusiasm by his family and the surrounding residents.

10. How Much is Pratama Arhan's Salary in the National Team?

In terms of amount, his income reaches around IDR 10 million per week. Pratama Arhan's income in Tokyo Verdy is certainly not as much as he received when playing for PSIS Semarang in Indonesia. According to reports, Arhan's income in PSIS Semarang reached IDR 1.3 billion per season. In one week, Arhan earns around IDR 27 million.

11. What Club Did Pratama Arhan Join?

Pratama Arhan has signed a contract with Suwon FC, an elite club in the South Korean League. The player joined Suwon after leaving Tokyo Verdy. His career will continue at Suwon FC, which was officially announced by the K League 1 club through their social media account.

12. Who Did Pratama Arhan Marry?

Indonesian national football player, Pratama Arhan, got married to a celebrity and TikToker, Nurul Azizah Salsha, at the Indonesian Mosque located in Tokyo, Japan, at 13:00 JST or 11:00 WIB, yesterday.

13. How Old is Arhan Pratama's Wife?

Nurul Azizah Rosaide, better known as Azizah Salsha, is a Jakarta-based celebrity and TikTok star. Born in 2003, she got married to Pratama Arhan at the age of 19. Azizah is the daughter of a politician, a member of the Indonesian Parliament named Andre Rosiade.


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