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Now Annisa Trihapsari Has 2 Grandchildren, Here are 7 Rarely Highlighted Portraits of Danvy Rukmana's Children

Now Annisa Trihapsari Has 2 Grandchildren, Here are 7 Rarely Highlighted Portraits of Danvy Rukmana's Children Portraits of Danvy Rukmana's children, Annisa Trihapsari's grandchildren (credit: - Rarely highlighted, Annisa Trihapsari already has two grandchildren from her first daughter. The person's name is Danvy Rukmana, who got married in 2018.

Before marrying Sultan Djorghi, Anissa Trihapsari has failed to build a household twice. The first marriage of the artist is known with Ari Sigit, who is none other than the grandson of the 2nd President Soeharto.

From that marriage, Anissa Trihapsari was blessed with a daughter who is now known as Danvy Rukmana. However, this beautiful 48-year-old artist's daughter is known to be raised by Tutut Soeharto.

Now Danvy Rukmana has become an adult woman and has given Anissa Trihapsari two adorable grandchildren. Here are the rarely highlighted portraits of Danvy Rukmana with her children.

1. Portrait of Danvy Rukmana, Annisa Trihapsari's Child

Not many people know that Annisa Trihapsari has three children. Her first child is known as Danvy Rukmana. Annisa Trihapsari often uploads pictures of her eldest daughter on her personal social media account. Although rarely in the spotlight, Danvy Rukmana's presence is equally attention-grabbing. Here is a portrait of Annisa Trihapsari celebrating Eid with her three children.

2. Already Married

It is known that Danvy Rukmana is married to a man named Ajie Sulistyo Dwi Putra Maryulis. The wedding took place in 2018. As of now, this family has been married for 6 years. Through social media accounts, Danvy often shares moments with her harmonious and cohesive family.

3. Having Two Children

Danvy and her husband have been blessed with two adorable male children. Their first child is named Arsyan, born in 2019. Meanwhile, their second child is named Aryandra. These are the rarely seen portraits of Anissa Trihapsari's two grandchildren.

4. Super Adorable Little Ones

Danvy's children are still young. It's no wonder that the posts on her personal social media account show how cute and funny her two little ones are. Here are adorable moments of Arsyan and Aryandra, resembling twin siblings. Moreover, they are wearing matching outfits.

5. Happy Holiday Moments

The Danvy family often shares happy moments during their holidays. One of them is captured in this photo, the moment Danvy and his family are abroad. Interestingly, despite looking cold, Aryan and Arsyan are having fun playing in the snow with their parents.

6. Full of Warmth When Together

Every moment together, Annisa Trihapsari's family is always filled with warmth and happiness. This is a harmonious portrait of Danvy's household with his two children. It is not uncommon for Danvy to spend time with his mother and two step-siblings as well.

7. Always Presenting Unity

In various occasions, Danvy and his family always appear compact. They often wear uniforms or specific themes when doing photo shoots or special days. Like in this portrait, Danvy Rukmana's family is having a photo shoot wearing red batik clothes. Compact, right KLovers?

That's a portrait of Annisa Trihapsari's two rarely seen grandchildren. Although not involved in the entertainment world, Danvy Rukmana's figure still catches attention for being the child of a famous artist.


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