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Perpetrator of Rp 300 Million Extortion Against Ria Ricis Successfully Captured, Revealing the Motive

Perpetrator of Rp 300 Million Extortion Against Ria Ricis Successfully Captured, Revealing the Motive The perpetrator of the extortion against Ria Ricis has been captured © - The latest development comes from the case of alleged cybercrime with threats and extortion experienced by Ria Ricis. The police have apparently arrested the perpetrator early Monday morning (10/6/2024).

The Subdirectorate of Cyber Crime Investigation Team of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police arrested the suspect with the initials AP at his residence in the Cipayung area, East Jakarta. The 29-year-old man was immediately taken for further investigation.

"On June 10, 2024, at 01:20 AM, the investigation team successfully made an arrest on the suspect AP at his residence. Then he was taken to the investigator's office for further investigation," said Commissioner Pol Ade Safri when met by the media on Tuesday (11/6/2024).

1. Evidence Found

In the arrest of suspect AP, investigators have collected evidence. There is one black cellphone and two sim cards used for alleged threats and extortion against Ria Ricis.

"The evidence was successfully seized by investigators, including one unit of black Oppo A5 brand mobile phone used for threats through electronic media and two sim cards. So this suspect made threats using different numbers," explained Commissioner Pol Ade Safri.

2. Motives for Threats and Extortion

Furthermore, it was stated that the alleged threats and extortion amounting to Rp 300 million carried out by suspect AP against Ria Ricis were motivated by economic reasons. Thus, the suspect dared to act recklessly.

"Economic motives," explained Commissioner Pol Ade Safri briefly.

As known, Ria Ricis filed a report to the SPKT Polda Metro Jaya on June 7, 2024. After conducting a series of investigations, the investigators from the Subdit Jatanras Siber Ditreskrimsus Polda Metro Jaya successfully arrested one suspect.


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