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Rejected Peace Proposal, Rea Wiradinata's Assets Threatened to be Seized

Rejected Peace Proposal, Rea Wiradinata's Assets Threatened to be Seized Credit: - The peace proposal submitted by celebrity Rea Wiradinata regarding the Bankruptcy or Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations (PKPU) lawsuit in the Central Jakarta Commercial Court has once again been rejected by the main creditors. The voting results on Rea's peace proposal on Friday (20/6) showed that two main creditors named Arif Budiman and Noverizky Tri Putra Pasaribu rejected the peace proposal.

The outstanding debt amount owed to Arief and Noverizky reached Rp2.5 billion or equivalent to 52.7 percent of the votes. Noverizky mentioned that his long struggle to obtain his rights from Rea has finally been paid off with the voting results.

"After the PKPU trial process lasted almost 250 days, Rea Wiradinata has continuously suffered defeat. And now it has reached its peak, where Rea can no longer submit a peace proposal," said Noverizky when met at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Thursday (20/6).

"With this defeat, Rea Wiradinata is guaranteed to go bankrupt," he added.

1. Immediately Seized

Nove also mentioned that the curator will soon proceed with the seizure process of Rea's assets. The execution of the seizure will definitely be carried out.

"The next step, the curator will execute the assets owned by Rea based on bankruptcy regulations. So far, several Rea's assets have been detected," he said.

Regarding the peaceful settlement request submitted by Rea Wiradinata, Noverizky considers the attitude to be ambiguous, especially when Rea made a statement in front of the media. Rea refuses to acknowledge having a debt of Rp2.5 billion to Noverizky despite losing in the PKPU lawsuit. However, on the other hand, he proposes a peaceful settlement by detailing a scheme for returning the money to Arif and Noverizky.

"He has run out of ideas, that's why his attitude becomes inconsistent and he lies like that. But let it be, in the end, he himself will be embarrassed for lying to the public," he stated.

2. Will Become a Suspect?

In addition, Noverizky also mentioned the criminal report against Rea Wiradinata at the South Jakarta Police. With the release of the voting results, Noverizky is increasingly convinced that Rea Wiradinata's legal status will be elevated by the investigators to become a suspect.

"This PKPU result becomes strong supporting evidence regarding the alleged embezzlement report. My legal team and I continue to monitor this case," he said.


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