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Totality Acting in 'NIGHT OF THE SOUL TAKER', Devano Danendra Doesn't Sleep for 24 Days - Experienced Nosebleeds

Totality Acting in 'NIGHT OF THE SOUL TAKER', Devano Danendra Doesn't Sleep for 24 Days - Experienced Nosebleeds - The film NIGHT OF THE SOUL TAKER is a major achievement in Devano Danendra's acting career. He was trusted as the main star in the film produced by BASE Entertainment.

In his role as Respati, a man suffering from insomnia due to psychological trauma, Devano Danendra faced great challenges during the shooting process. To immerse himself in the character with totality, Devano even reduced his sleeping time.

"I was so ambitious, so committed, that I didn't sleep during the shooting, for how many months, 24 days I didn't sleep. That's how focused I was," said Devano Danendra at CGV FX Sudirman, Jakarta, on Tuesday (23/4/2024).

"Actually, it's not that I didn't sleep, it's just that I didn't get enough sleep. Like only having 1 to 2 hours of sleep," he added.

1. Intentionally Reduce Sleep Time

Devano Danendra is trying to make his role as an insomnia sufferer look natural. By reducing sleep time, he wants to create the effect of dark circles around the eyes without the help of makeup.

"Respati has a psychological disorder that is quite high like insomnia, so even without makeup, it still looks like that, like bruises around the eyes," said Devano Danendra.

2. Experience Nosebleeds

However, Devano's decision is not without risks. Lack of sleep exhausts his body, causing him to lose consciousness several times and experience nosebleeds.

"The blackout only lasts for a moment, then nosebleeds, and then it's over, and it continues," said Devano Danendra.

3. Nose Injury

In addition, Devano also experienced minor injuries while performing extreme scenes such as fighting. One of them is a nose injury during a scene with Ratu Felisha.

"His nose was bleeding when we were fighting," said Ratu Felisha.


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