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Release of Documentary Film 'HARTA TAHTA RAISA', Raisa Fully Supported by Hamish Daud

Release of Documentary Film 'HARTA TAHTA RAISA', Raisa Fully Supported by Hamish Daud Raisa © Herdianto - Singer Raisa Andriana will release her latest documentary film titled HARTA TAHTA RAISA. This film is directed by Soleh Solihun and will be screened in theaters on June 6, 2024.

Not only receiving support from her beloved husband, Hamish Daud, Raisa admitted to receiving full support from her extended family with the presence of the film HARTA TAHTA RAISA.

"My family was nervous, afraid to appear, but the questions from Kang Soleh were about nostalgia and other things, so in the end, we became comfortable and spoke candidly. We want to show what it's like to be an insider," said Raisa at XXI Plaza Senayan, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (23/4).

1. Interesting Facts about the Film 'HARTA TAHTA RAISA'

The film 'HARTA TAHTA RAISA' will showcase Raisa's musical career journey from the beginning to behind the scenes of her solo concert 'Raisa: Live in Concert: Stadion Utama Gelora Bung Karno' in 2023.

"What's interesting and exclusive about the documentary are the footage that we have never seen before. Footage that has never been published, never been on social media or anywhere," she said.

2. Hamish Daud's Full Support and Assistance

Meanwhile, Soleh Solihun, as the director, highly appreciates Raisa's family for willingly assisting the production team in realizing this documentary film project. Soleh also mentioned that Raisa's sister voluntarily helped him gather documentation from Raisa's childhood, the singer of the song 'Teka Teki'. Assisted by Hamish Daud, who was willing to spare his time to help in the making of the film 'HARTA TAHTA RAISA'.

"One of the enthusiastic ones is Raisa's sister, she was really excited about the interview. She (Hamish Daud) was like 'Sure, just let me know, I will make time', when I told him about making a documentary film about Raisa," said Soleh.

"When we talk about Raisa, we can't just look at it from one side. She is a singer as well as a mother and wife, how Raisa can face all of that, please watch it in this documentary," concluded Soleh Solihun.

The film 'HARTA TAHTA RAISA' is produced by Imajinari in collaboration with Juni Records. The plan is to release the film in theaters on June 6, 2024, coinciding with Raisa's birthday.


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