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Synopsis of the Latest Comedy Drama Film 'MUKIDI' Starring Gading Marten, which had a Gala Premiere in Los Angeles

Synopsis of the Latest Comedy Drama Film 'MUKIDI' Starring Gading Marten, which had a Gala Premiere in Los Angeles (Credit: -
Written by: Adristi Putri Febrianti
The latest comedy film titled MUKIDI has been released on April 11, 2024 on the Prime Video streaming platform. This film is directed by Anggy Umbara, with Erwin Wu as the screenplay writer. The film is an adaptation of a collection of jokes with the same title.
Through the released trailer, the audience can catch a glimpse of various funny moments as Mukidi tries to find his fortune in the capital city. From searching for a job to falling in love with Markonah.
Mukidi's journey will entertain and trigger lots of laughter from the audience. So, don't miss the excitement of Mukidi's story on the Prime Video platform and check out the information and synopsis of Mukidi!

1. About Film MUKIDI

This latest Indonesian comedy film is a production of MD Pictures in collaboration with Umbara Brothers. Not only the film MUKIDI, MD Pictures also recently screened their latest horror film titled BADARAWUHI DI DESA PENARI. Interestingly, this horror film successfully held a gala premiere and screening in Los Angeles, United States!
The film MUKIDI brings together Gading Marten, who plays Mukidi, and Della Dartyan as the main character. Previously, they were involved in a film project titled LOVE FOR SALE which was released in 2018. LOVE FOR SALE itself was Gading Marten's first film as the main character. Thanks to his acting in that film, Gading Marten won the Citra Award for Best Actor.
In the film MUKIDI, Della Dartyan plays Markonah, who is Mukidi's wife. In addition, there is Joshua Suherman who plays Samingan, and Arif Didu who plays Wakijan. They are Mukidi's closest friends in the city.

2. Film Synopsis MUKIDI

The film MUKIDI tells the story of a man named Mukidi who is mistakenly hired as a credit analyst due to a misunderstanding. His desire to help others by approving every credit request made to him leads to major bankruptcy.
Mukidi must take responsibility for resolving the chaos. He is assisted by his wife Markonah, and his two male friends named Samingan and Wakijan. Mukidi faces the problem with hilarious adventures.
Every scene in this film is filled with humor and deep emotions. Funny lines with comedy will surely invite laughter from the audience. The combination of genres in this film makes MUKIDI a great entertainment for the whole family.

3. Watch the Trailer!


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