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10 Dramas that Make Second Lead Syndrome Popular and Exciting - Causing Division Among Viewers

10 Dramas that Make Second Lead Syndrome Popular and Exciting - Causing Division Among Viewers (credit: - Korean dramas with love triangle stories are indeed a common occurrence in Korean dramas. So it's no wonder that this can make viewers experience second lead syndrome. In fact, some of these dramas that cause second lead syndrome have caused a stir and divided viewers.

Yes, second lead syndrome dramas are dramas that make viewers more interested when the female lead is with the second male lead. This sometimes creates two factions in the drama who want their respective couples to end up together.

So, what are some of these dramas that cause second lead syndrome? Here are some of them. Let's check them out, KLovers.

1. TRUE BEAUTY (2020)

Rating8.0 IMDB
Durasi73 minutes
Episode16 episodes
TayangNetflix, Vidio, VIU, Apple TV, VIKI, Prime Video
PemainCha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young, Hwang In Youp
Drama TRUE BEAUTY is an adaptation of a popular webtoon with the same title. It tells the story of Lim Ju Kyung, a high school student who lacks self-confidence due to her appearance being frequently bullied. She learns makeup and is able to transform her face into a beautiful one.

During her high school journey, she meets Lee Su Ho, the most handsome student who is known to be cold in school. And Han Seo Jun, another cool male student in the same school. Both of them have great potential to win Ju Kyung's heart.

It's no wonder that this drama, which creates second lead syndrome, has two ships that everyone wants their ship to sail. So, which team are you on, KLovers?

2. START UP (2020)

Rating8.0 IMDB
Durasi85 minutes
Episode16 episodes
PemainBae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho
Then, the drama that creates the second lead syndrome is the drama START UP. In general, this drama tells the story of a love triangle that occurs between Seo Dal Mi, Nam Do San, and Jipyong. Their story began when they were still children.

It is so exciting that this love story creates a division among the viewers. Those who fall victim to the second lead syndrome hope that Dal Mi ends up with her childhood friend, Ji Pyong. However, Dal Mi turns out to be destined for Nam Do San, who becomes her partner in the company.


Rating7.8 IMDB
Durasi35 minutes
Episode32 episodes
TayangNetflix, Vidio, VIU, VIKI, WeTV, iQIYI
PemainKim Hye Yoon, Rowoon SF9, Lee Jae Wook
This drama that creates second lead syndrome tells the story of Eun Dan Oh who falls in love with Haru, a mysterious student in her school. On the other hand, Baek Kyung, who initially didn't care about Eun Dan Oh, starts to like the girl.

This makes Haru and Baek Kyung compete for Eun Dan Oh's heart. When this Korean drama aired, many viewers were divided into Team Haru and Team Baek Kyung. It became one of the dramas that creates second lead syndrome, which attracted a lot of attention.

4. LOVE ALARM (2019)

Rating6.7 IMDB
Durasi50 minutes
Episode14 episodes
CastKim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram, Song Kang
This Korean drama has two seasons that tell the love journey of a high school girl named Kim Jo Jo. She is liked by two boys, Lee Hye Yeong and Hwang Sun Oh. Sun Oh has a cold personality but likes to openly show his attention.

On the other hand, Hye Yeong is shy and gentle towards Jo Jo. As a result, many viewers want Kim Jo Jo to end up with Hye Yeong's character. This has made the drama LOVE ALARM become one of the dramas that cause second lead syndrome.


Rating8.3 IMDB
Durasi30 minutes
Episode32 episodes
AiringNetflix, Vidio, VIU, Apple TV, VIKI, Prime Video, WeTV, iQIYI
CastBae Suzy, Lee Jong Suk, Jung Hae In
The drama WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING tells the story of a prosecutor named Jung Jae Chan who meets Nam Hong Joo. They both have the ability to dream about someone's death. And they also have sparks of love.

However, a love triangle begins when Nam Hong Joo has a friend named Han Woo Tak who has liked Hong Joo from the beginning but has not confessed his feelings. Han Woo Tak has to see the closeness between Jung Jae Chan and Nam Hong Joo, which makes him choose to remain as a friend.

However, many viewers feel that Han Woo Tak is more deserving of Nam Hong Joo after all the sacrifices he has made. So, this drama has two ships that make it one of the dramas that create second lead syndrome.

6. WHO ARE YOU: SCHOOL 2015 (2015)

Rating8.0 IMDB
Durasi60 minutes
Episode16 episodes
TayangVIU, VIKI, Apple TV, iQIYI, Netflix
PemainKim So Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk, Yoo Sung Jae
Drama SCHOOL 2015 tells the story of Go Eun Byul and Lee Eun Bi, who are twin siblings. However, they were separated and grew up with different characters and traits. Until one day, Go Eun Byul switches places with Lee Eun Bi to seek revenge on the bullies.

When Lee Eun Bi takes on Go Eun Byul's position, she is greatly assisted by Gong Taek Wang. Unfortunately, Lee Eun Bi chooses Han Yi An, Go Eun Byul's childhood friend who has long had feelings for Go Eun Byul. This of course hurts the ship between Lee Eun Bi and Gong Taek Wang.

7. REPLY 1988 (2015)

Rating9.2 IMDB
Durasi95 minutes
Episode20 episodes
TayangVidio,VIU,VIKI,Prime Video,Apple TV,WeTV,iQIYI,Netflix
PemainLee Hye Ri, Ryu Joon Yeol, Park Bo Gum
Drama that creates another second lead syndrome is REPLY 1998 which focuses on the relationships of several families living in a neighborhood called Ssamundong. In this everyday life drama, a love story between Deok Sun, Jung Hwan, and Choi Taek is also included.

Jung Hwan and Choi Taek both have feelings for Deok Sun. Jung Hwan hides his feelings. In fact, he becomes more hesitant to express his feelings for Deok Sun because he knows his friend Choi Taek has also been harboring feelings for her for a long time.

In the beginning, Deok Sun liked Jung Hwan, but eventually, she chose to be with Choi Taek, who confessed his feelings to her. However, many people still ship Deok Sun with Jung Hwan because of Jung Hwan's sweet attitude towards Choi Taek.

8. SHE WAS PRETTY (2015)

Rating7.6 IMDB
Durasi60 minutes
Episode16 episodes
TayangVIU,Vidio,VIKI,iQIYI,Netflix,Apple TV
PemainHwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, Choi Siwon
Generally, this drama tells the story of a woman named Kim Hye Jin who was known as a beautiful girl when she was a child. However, as an adult, her appearance has changed and she is no longer attractive. After becoming an adult, Hye Jin meets her first love again, Ji Sung Joon, who is also her boss at work.

Due to Hye Jin's physical transformation, Sung Joon fails to recognize his childhood friend. He even treats Hye Jin very coldly. Although they end up together in the end, many fans are not happy with it. They prefer Hye Jin to be with Kim Shin Hyuk, a senior feature editor who has liked Hye Jin despite her unattractive appearance.

9. THE HEIRS (2013)

Rating7.5 IMDB
Durasi60 minutes
Episode20 episodes
TayangVIU,Vidio,VIKI,Prime Video,iQIYI, Netflix,Apple TV
PemainLee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin
Continuing from there is the drama THE HEIRS which is a drama that gives second lead syndrome. In general, this drama tells the story of the lives of students in elite schools. In the story of these elite school children, there are Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan who become lovers from different social classes.

In addition, Cha Eun Sang also meets Choi Young Do, another wealthy student but with naughty and arrogant behavior. Although Choi Young Do seems cold, he still cares about Cha Eun Sang. Because of this, the drama THE HEIRS has two ships.


Rating7.7 IMDB
Durasi65 minutes
Episode16 episodes
TayangVidio, VIU, VIKI, Netflix, iQIYI
PemainJang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa
This Korean drama presents an exciting story of the lives of idols who are members of the music group A.N.JELL. In this drama, there is a love triangle between Go Mi Nyeo, Taekyung, and Shin Woo. Their love story has attracted a lot of attention.

Although in the end, Go Mi Nyeo becomes the girlfriend of Taekyung, the vocalist of A.N.JELL. However, there are many fans who are frustrated and want Mi Nyeo to be paired with Shin Woo. Eventually, they are reunited in another drama titled HEARTSTRINGS in 2011.


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