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Synopsis MAN IN THE KITCHEN Korean Drama Starring Choi Soo Young, Slice of Life About the Search for Happiness

Synopsis MAN IN THE KITCHEN Korean Drama Starring Choi Soo Young, Slice of Life About the Search for Happiness Synopsis MAN IN THE KITCHEN (credit: dramawiki) - Who doesn't know Choi Soo Young or Soo Young SNSD? Choi Soo Young is one of the most popular South Korean stars. Soo Young has a brilliant career in the world of idols and acting. For those of you who want to watch Soo Young's acting, you must watch MAN IN THE KITCHEN Korean drama with Indonesian subtitles.

In the drama, Choi Soo Young successfully displays a captivating acting performance. MAN IN THE KITCHEN drama presents a romantic comedy story. In addition to the captivating acting, Soo Young also successfully builds strong chemistry and convinces with her co-star. So, this drama can make the audience emotional and immersed.

How interested are you in watching MAN IN THE KITCHEN Korean drama? If so, just read the synopsis and brief review below.




MAN IN THE KITCHEN is a slice of life drama that aired in 2017. This drama tells the story of a grown woman named Lee Roo Ri. At her current age, Lee Roo Ri starts to feel the weight of life.

Lee Roo Ri, who dreams of getting a good job at a big company, finally decides to give up. Not to mention, her relationship with her father is also not good. Her overly protective father makes Lee Roo Ri's life even more pressured.

Finally, Lee Roo Ri decides to escape by going abroad. In her escape, Lee Roo Ri actually meets a man named Jung Tae Yang. Jung Tae Yang's character is quite captivating to Lee Roo Ri. Because, Jung Tae Yang has the motto YOLO (You Only Live Once).

All this time, Jung Tae Yang has been wandering around the world. Jung Tae Yang seems to prioritize his life and happiness. However, deep down, Jung Tae Yang also has emotional scars just like Lee Roo Ri.

Finally, after meeting Jung Tae Yang, Lee Roo Ri and Jung Tae Yang feel compatible with each other. They walk together, filling and healing each other.



2. List of Players MAN IN THE KITCHEN

In addition to the exciting story, MAN IN THE KITCHEN also has an extraordinary appeal to its cast. Not only Choi Soo Young, but also other actors and actresses who star in this drama are all stunning. The entire cast also successfully builds convincing chemistry.

Here are some lists of players in MAN IN THE KITCHEN and the roles they play.

1. Choi Soo Young as Lee Roo Ri

2. On Joo Wan as Jung Tae Yang

3. Seo Hyo Rim as Ha Yeon Joo

4. Park Jin Woo as Lee So Won

5. Kim Kap Soo as Lee Shin Mo

6. Kim Mi Sook as Hong Young Hye

7. Lee Il Hwa as Jung Hwa Young

8. Shim Hyung Tak as Go Jung Do

9. Song Kang as Kim Woo Joo

10. Kim Ji Young as Go Eun Byul

11. Han Ga Rim as Joo Ae Ri

12. Lee Se Young as Lee Myung Rang



3. Other Soo Young Drama Recommendations

Throughout her career as an actress, Choi Soo Young has starred in many Korean dramas. Not only in MAN IN THE KITCHEN, Choi Soo Young also performed well in every drama she starred in.

For you fans, here are some Korean drama recommendations starring Choi Soo Young, besides MAN IN THE KITCHEN.


SO I MARRIED AN ANTI-FAN is a Soo Young drama adapted from a novel. As the title suggests, this drama tells the story of an idol's life who eventually develops a relationship with someone who dislikes them.

A famous K-Pop idol, Hoo Joon, meets Le Geun Yeong, a magazine reporter. Misunderstandings arise between them, leading to hatred. However, they are constantly brought together. Before they know it, the feeling of hate slowly turns into love.


IF YOU WISH UPON ME is also a must-watch drama by Choi Soo Young.IF YOU WISH UPON ME is based on a true story, from a social foundation in the Netherlands.The foundation works to fulfill the last wishes of terminal cancer patients.This drama's story focuses on a young man searching for the meaning of his life.Meanwhile, Choi Soo Young will play the role of a nurse.


TELL ME WHAT YOU SAW is also a highly recommended drama by Soo Young.Korean drama tells the story of a profiler named Oh Hyun Jae who experiences a tragic event where he loses his fiancée in a bomb explosion.

Meanwhile, Cha Soo Young is a detective with an extraordinary photographic memory ability. With her ability, she is able to solve various mysterious cases.Finally, Cha Soo Young and Hyun Jae work together to uncover the mystery behind the bomber who took away her fiancé.

Those are some of the synopsis reviews of the Korean drama MAN IN THE KITCHEN and some other drama recommendations.Hopefully, it is useful and enjoy watching!




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