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7 Romantic Comedy Korean School-themed Dramas in 2023, Some are Most Popular and Underrated

7 Romantic Comedy Korean School-themed Dramas in 2023, Some are Most Popular and Underrated Korean romantic comedy drama in 2023 with a school theme (credit: - Korean drama in 2023 is enlivened with various exciting stories. Many of them depict the ups and downs of teenage life that can make you emotional.

Romantic comedy dramas are still a favorite for K-drama fans. Moreover, school-themed dramas often succeed in providing a touch of nostalgia and sweet romance.

In 2023 alone, there are several popular school-themed romantic comedy dramas. However, this article will also discuss some underrated and enjoyable romantic comedy dramas in 2023. Curious about the recommendations? Check it out here, KLovers.


Durasi35 minutes
Episode8 episodes
PemainOh Sehun, Jang Yeo Bin, Cho Jun Young

Romantic comedy drama in 2023 is one of them ALL THAT WE LOVED. This Korean school-themed drama highlights the love story and competition between two friends. Go Yoo and Go Joon Hee are known as close friends who are students at Hara High School. In fact, Go Yoo is willing to donate one of his kidneys to Go Joon Hee.

Go Yoo himself is known as a popular, smart, and skilled basketball player. Unfortunately, their friendship starts to crack due to love issues. Go Yoo and Go Joon Hee are both interested in the same girl. This is what makes them rivals in winning So Yeon's heart.


Durasi45 minutes
Episode10 episodes
PemainCha Sun Woo and Ha Seung Ri

THE VILLAIN OF ROMANCE is a part of the 2023 romantic comedy drama lineup that shouldn't be missed. This Korean drama tells a romantic love story set in a campus background. Although it's not a drama about high school students, THE VILLAIN OF ROMANCE portrays love relationships in youth.

The story of THE VILLAIN OF ROMANCE centers around the characters Kang Hee Jae and Ban Yoo Jin. Hee Jae is known as someone who often feels small and insignificant. On one hand, Hee Jae changes into a different person than before because of her boyfriend's abusive behavior. Hee Jae tries to forgive Ban Yoo Jin for his actions. Meanwhile, Ban Yoo Jin has concerns because his romantic relationships often fail in a short period of time.


Durasi10 minutes
Episode12 episodes
PemainJung Gu Hyun

The next 2023 romantic comedy Korean drama is FROM CLASSMATE TO ROOMMATE. This drama tells the sweet romance of teenagers. With a few episodes, FROM CLASSMATE TO ROOMMATE is suitable for watching amidst busyness.

The story of FROM CLASSMATE TO ROOMMATE highlights the main character, a male student who suddenly becomes involved with three female students. It all starts when the male student starts living with the three female students. From that meeting, a story begins to unfold among them. Friendship and love envelop all four of them in the story of FROM CLASSMATE TO ROOMMATE.


Durasi11 minutes
Episode10 episodes
PemainPark Hyeon Gi

Romantic comedy drama set in a school in 2023, titled LIVING TOGETHER AT SEVENTEEN. This Korean drama combines the genres of teenage and romance. It airs with short episodes and duration, making it suitable for fans of short K-drama storylines.

The synopsis of LIVING TOGETHER AT SEVENTEEN tells the story of teenage life at the age of 17. The story begins with the moment when two male and female students become roommates. However, they hide this fact from all their friends at school. And, of course, their relationship appears different at school and outside of school.

5. IT WAS SPRING (2023)

Durasi17 minutes
Episode8 episodes
CastKim Jong Hyeon, Lee Hyun Joo, and Cha Sun Woo

2023 romantic comedy drama set in school IT WAS SPRING is aired in episodes and has a short duration. As a web drama, IT WAS SPRING is among the underrated Korean dramas with a school romantic comedy background. The synopsis of IT WAS SPRING revolves around the romance of three high school students in Mokpo.

Various stories of teenage life in high school are presented in the drama IT WAS SPRING. There are friendships, childhood friends, music, fashion, and everything about teenage years that will make viewers nostalgic. In addition, the web drama IT WAS SPRING is aired through the original KBS1 channel.


Durasi7 minutes
Episode4 episodes
AiringNaver TV, KOK TV
CastChoi Da Hye and Choi Han Gyeol

BLUE TEMPERATURE is a 2023 romantic comedy Korean web series with a school theme. The story focuses on the high school romance in Cheongdo city. The main characters are Soo Ah and Soo Hyuk. Their meeting begins when Soo Ah moves to Cheongdo. This move is not without reason, as Soo Ah wants to help her mother.

She meets Soo Hyuk, who is also Soo Ah's first love. Starting from this meeting, they develop a close friendship. Meanwhile, the seeds of love start to grow between Soo Ah and Soo Hyuk, bringing sweet teenage romance.


Durasi1 hour 10 minutes
Episode16 episodes
PemainRyeoun, Choi Hyun Wook, Seol In Ah, Shin Eun Soo

2023 romantic comedy drama that shouldn't be missed is TWINKLING WATERMELON. TWINKLING WATERMELON is also one of the popular Korean dramas in 2023. The story revolves around a student named Eun Gyeol, who was born to deaf parents. However, Eun Gyeol is the only one who can hear and speak.

One day, Eun Gyeol travels back in time to 1995. There, he meets his father who is still in high school. They become close friends and even form a band together. On one hand, Eun Gyeol wants to change his parents' future for the better. He also wants to help his father fall in love with his mother, as Han Yi Chan was once interested in a cello player who is not Eun Gyeol's mother. Additionally, Eun Gyeol wants to prevent the accident that causes Han Yi Chan to have hearing problems.

Those are the recommended 2023 Korean romantic comedy dramas that should not be missed. Each drama above offers something unique and interesting about teenage love stories.


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