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List of Main Cast of Drama MARRY MY HUSBAND 2024, Complete with Synopsis

List of Main Cast of Drama MARRY MY HUSBAND 2024, Complete with Synopsis Main Cast of Drama Marry My Husband (credit:, Webtoon) - Korean drama MARRY MY HUSBAND has become a drama at the beginning of 2024 that has stolen the attention of Korean drama lovers in various countries, including Indonesia. Not only the storyline that attracts attention, but also the main cast of drama MARRY MY HUSBAND is also captivating.

This drama adaptation of Webtoon tells the story of Kang Ji Won, who has marriage problems with her husband Park Min Hwan. This is because she finds herself trapped under the pressure of her mother-in-law. One day, Ji Won is diagnosed with cancer and catches her husband cheating with her friend.

There comes a moment when she has to go back 10 years before she married her husband, Park Min Hwan. And in this second life, Ji Won tries to reunite Park Min Hwan for marriage, and seeks revenge on the two people who have ruined her life.

In this article, we will discuss in more depth about the main cast of drama MARRY MY HUSBAND, and how their roles enrich this emotional story. Until these actors successfully portray their roles and receive positive attention from the audience.

Here is the list of the main cast of drama MARRY MY HUSBAND that will air in 2024, along with a complete synopsis. Let's check it out, KLovers.

1. Synopsis Drama MARRY MY HUSBAND

Rating8.5 IMDB
Episode16 episodes
Duration70 minutes
AiringPrime Video
CastPark Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung

Before KLovers know the main cast of the drama MARRY MY HUSBAND, KLovers can find out the synopsis of the drama MARRY MY HUSBAND.This drama follows the life of a woman named Ji Won, who is a successful career woman.However, her family life is enough to make her feel down.

How come, her husband is unemployed and has a lot of debt.This makes her have to bear the burden of being the breadwinner.Not to mention she has to live under the pressure of her mother-in-law who feels less towards her, and always boasts about her only son.

Like falling down the stairs, Ji Won is also diagnosed with terminal cancer.However, Ji Won's misfortune is not over.She even has to see her husband cheating on her with her own friend, Jung Soo Min. Even both of them tried to make Ji Won die quickly so they could claim the insurance.

This was enough to make Ji Won feel down. However, a miracle fell upon her. She went back to 10 years before marrying her husband. Seeing herself getting a second chance, Ji Won finally decided to take revenge on her husband and her friend.

2. Park Min Young as Kang Ji Won

The main character of the drama MARRY MY HUSBAND is the beautiful actress Park Min Young, who plays Kang Ji Won. In this drama, Kang Ji Won's character is initially a naive and straight woman. She is a woman who is not good at dressing up, with glasses and tied-up hair.

She can marry Park Min Hwan because of her innocence in the past. However, she cannot see that the friend she trusts is a snake. However, when she goes back to the past, Ji Won becomes a savage woman full of past grievances.

3. Na In Woo as Yoo Ji Hyuk

In this drama, Na In Woo plays the character of Yoo Ji Hyuk. He is the boss at the company where Ji Won, Park Min Hwan, and Jung Soo Min work. Like Ji Won, Yoo Ji Hyuk himself is a man who appears closed off and does not want to stand out.

He even wears glasses that make him look like a nerdy boss. In the past, Ji Won didn't pay attention to Yoo Ji Hyuk. However, when she goes back to the past, Ji Won realizes that Ji Hyuk pays attention to her. In fact, Ji Hyuk is the one who helps Ji Won.

4. Lee Yi Kyung as Park Min Hwan

Then there's actor Lee Yi Kyung who plays the character of Park Min Hwan, Ji Won's husband in the past. He is the definition of a trashy man, who makes Ji Won suffer. He is quite spoiled because he is the only child in the family.

In addition, Park Min Hwan is a man who easily cheats and feels that he is never wrong. In the past, Park Min Hwan belittled Ji Won so much that Ji Won always appeared lacking as a wife.

5. Song Ha Yoon as Jung Soo Min

And the main cast of the drama MARRY MY HUSBAND lastly includes the character of Jung Soo Min played by Song Ha Yoon. In this drama, the character Jung Soo Min is a pretentious woman who always approaches Ji Won. She will do evil things to Ji Won, both behind her back and in front of her face, pretending to be her friend.

Before Ji Won went back to the past, Ji Won was naive and always trusted Jung Soo Min as her friend. However, Jung Soo Min always had ill intentions towards Ji Won. She wanted to take everything Ji Won had, including Ji Won's husband in the past, Park Shin Hwa.

Those are some of the main cast of the drama MARRY MY HUSBAND that KLovers can know. This drama has attracted the attention of viewers with the extraordinary acting of the cast. Making it a successful Korean drama in early 2024.


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