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5 Celebrities Who Married Women Born in the 2000s, Netizens: No Wonder Girls from the 90s Don't Get a Chance

5 Celebrities Who Married Women Born in the 2000s, Netizens: No Wonder Girls from the 90s Don't Get a Chance Portraits of Ali Syakieb and Margin and Rizky Febian and Mahalini (Source: Instagram/@marginw; @rizkyfbian) - Celebrity weddings always attract public attention, especially when there is an age difference. This topic becomes an interesting conversation when several famous artists and celebrities choose women born in the 2000s as their partners.

Although they are in their early 20s, they are still confident in embarking on married life. Netizens' reactions vary. Some comments mention that women born in the 90s are finding it increasingly difficult to find life partners.

Curious about which celebrities married women born in the 2000s? Here is the information summarized on Tuesday (14/05/2024).

1. Rizky Febian

The first marriage between a celebrity and a woman born in the 2000s happened to Rizky Febian. Rizky, the son of famous comedian Sule, married Mahalini Raharja, a singer who rose to fame through the talent search show Indonesian Idol.

Iky, who is affectionately called Rizky, was born on February 25, 1998. Meanwhile, Mahalini was born in the 2000s. They are a couple who have been in a relationship for 2 years. These singer couple then officially held their wedding on May 10, 2024 at the Raffles Jakarta Hotel.

2. Ali Syakieb

On February 6, 2021, Ali Syakieb and Margin Wieheerm made their vows at Gedong Putih, Bandung, West Java. Despite the significant age difference, this difference does not affect the romantic closeness between them. Margin, who was born on July 8, 2000, became the life partner of Ali Syakieb, who was born on June 6, 1987.

3. Jess No Limit

On October 10, 2022, Jess No Limit officially married Sisca Kohl. However, the marriage was only announced to the public through posts on Instagram and YouTube on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

Jess No Limit married a content creator who was born on August 23, 2000. Currently, they have been blessed with the birth of their first child named Sophia Eleanor Justin. The presence of their child makes them even more harmonious in creating content and showing their affection to their followers.

4. Marion Jola

Marion Jola's love story always attracts public attention. Now, at the age of 24, she is in a romantic relationship with Dennis Talakua. The man has a background in the music industry as a guitarist for MJ Squad Jakarta, as well as having roles as a music director, arranger, and producer.

The age difference between them is quite significant; Marion was born on June 12, 2000, while Dennis was born on July 6, 1985. However, this does not affect their romantic closeness. They prove that love knows no age limits.

5. Beby Tsabina

Beby Tsabina, a beautiful artist born on October 27, 2002, was recently proposed by her boyfriend, Rizki Natakusumah, on Kartini Day, April 21, 2024.

After being in a romantic relationship for one year, Beby Tsabina and Rizki Natakusumah decided to take a more serious step by planning their wedding.

Posts about the marriages of several artists and celebrities from the 2000s have sparked various responses from netizens. One of them is the view that it is increasingly difficult for women born in the 90s to find a life partner.

“No wonder girls born in the 90s are left out,” wrote the account @destyaayus, which immediately received many likes and also replies from other netizens.

6. Some Questions from Netizens about Celebrities Marrying Women Born in the 2000s

7. How Long Have Rizky Febian and Mahalini Been in a Relationship?

After being in a romantic relationship for about two years, Rizky Febian and Mahalini decided to get married. Their love story began on February 7, 2022, when they started dating.

8. At What Age Did Margin Get Married?

Ali Syakieb's marriage to Margin Wieheerm happened when Margin was very young, at the age of 20. In fact, at the age of 21, she had already given birth to a child.

9. On What Date Did Jess No Limit and Sisca Kohl Get Married?

After sharing their engagement moment on Friday (7/10/2022), Sisca and Jess No Limit together shared their wedding moment on Wednesday (30/11/2022). It is now revealed that the official marriage between Jess No Limit and Sisca Kohl took place on October 10, 2022.

10. Who is Marion Jola dating?

Currently, Marion Jola, a 24-year-old singer, is in a romantic relationship with Dennis Talakua. Her partner has a career closely related to the music industry. Dennis is a guitarist from MJ Squad Jakarta and is active as a music director, arranger, and producer.

11. Who is Beby Tsabina engaged to?

Good news came from Beby Tsabina, who announced her happiness about her engagement to Rizki Aulia Rahman Natakusumah on Sunday, April 21, 2024.


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