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7 Portraits of Ernest Prakasa's Eldest Son Sky, Who is Already a Teenager, Looking More Beautiful with Long Hair

7 Portraits of Ernest Prakasa's Eldest Son Sky, Who is Already a Teenager, Looking More Beautiful with Long Hair Portrait of Ernest Prakasa's Eldest Son Sky (Credit: Instagram/ernestprakasa) - Ernest Prakasa is a comedian who is also active in the Indonesian film industry. He works as an actor, director, writer, and producer. Aside from his career, the family life of Ernest Prakasa is quite interesting.

Latest, the portrait of Sky Tierra Solana, Ernest Prakasa's eldest daughter, has become the center of attention. Through Instagram, she uploaded a portrait of togetherness with her wife and two children while playing in the rain. Sky's beautiful appearance, who is now a teenager and even more beautiful, immediately caught everyone's attention.

Curious about the portrait of Ernest Prakasa's eldest son Sky, who is already a teenager? Let's find out more information below.

1. Portrait of Sky, the Eldest Child of Ernest Prakasa

Sky Tierra Solana is the eldest child of Ernest Prakasa and Miera Anastasia. As the child of celebrity parents, the name Sky is already familiar. Moreover, he has shown interest in the world of film since a young age. Sky made his debut in his father's film, NGENEST.

2. Playing in the Rain with Family

Recently, Ernest Prakasa uploaded a moment of togetherness with his family, including Sky, his daughter. In the photo, they can be seen soaking wet from playing in the rain. This moment seems to show the cheerful and unity of this family.

"Having fun playing in the rain, completely drenched. Occasionally, doing something to be remembered for a long time." Ernest Prakasa wrote as the caption.

3. Rarely Highlighted So Far

Sky has indeed made her debut as a child actress since 2015, but her daily life photos can be said to be rarely highlighted. Although she has a personal Instagram account, she is not active in sharing the latest updates. Sky only appears occasionally when Ernest or Miera upload photos of their togetherness.

4. Already a 14-Year-Old Teenager

It's hard to believe, but Sky is now 14 years old. The teenage years are an important period in a person's life, and Sky seems to be enjoying every step of it. Her increasingly mature appearance has surprised many, considering how quickly time has passed since she first appeared in public.

5. Even More Beautiful

Born on November 20, 2009, Sky is now 14 years old. She has grown into a beautiful and charming teenage girl. It is not an exaggeration that the latest photo of Sky uploaded by Ernest Prakasa has caught the attention of netizens.

6. Long-haired

In the photo, Sky is seen with long hair. Her face looks even cuter with bangs and twin braids. She is wearing a simple outfit, a black t-shirt paired with army-colored pants. Her natural beauty truly shines, KLovers!

7. Netizens Shocked: When Did She Grow Up?

Some netizens were surprised to see the transformation of Sky, who is now a teenager. Some even reminisced about her adorable content during Sky's childhood. Now, she has grown up to be even more beautiful with a tall and slender figure.

Well, KLovers, those are a series of portraits of Sky, the eldest daughter of Ernest Prakasa, who has grown up and become more beautiful.



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