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Portrait of Citra Aulia's Prewedding with Former Al Ghazali's Fiancé, Simple yet Elegant

Portrait of Citra Aulia's Prewedding with Former Al Ghazali's Fiancé, Simple yet Elegant Portrait of Citra Aulia's prewedding with former Al Ghazali (Source: Instagram/@citrrauliamarwan) - The wedding moment of Citra Aulia Marwan, former lover of Al Ghazali, with a billionaire's grandson, is about to come true. Recently, Citra Aulia had a prewedding photoshoot session with Fabian Soemarno.

The series of their prewedding photos, shared through her personal Instagram account, caught the public's attention. "The final week countdown," wrote Citra Aulia, quoting from her Instagram on Tuesday (11/6). The prewedding concept they adopted appeared simple yet captivating.

Interested in seeing the results of Citra Aulia and Fabian Soemarno's prewedding photoshoot? Here is a summary of their photos, presented on Tuesday (11/06/2024).

1. Former Al Ghazali

Now, in her happiness, Citra Aulia Marwan, who used to be involved with Al Ghazali, is preparing to make a sacred vow with Fabian Soemarno. This charming woman is about to enter a new chapter in her life.

2. Her Fiancé is the Grandson of a Tycoon

The man who will marry Citra is known as a descendant of a famous Indonesian businessman, Robert Budi Widjaja. Fabian's extended family holds the largest share ownership in PT Tigaraksa Satria Tbk company.

3. Engaged in July 2023

In July 2023, Citra Aulia was proposed to by Fabian in an apartment adorned with abundant flowers.

4. Prewedding Photoshoot Session

After a year of engagement, Citra Aulia Marwan and Fabian Soemarno recently captured their prewedding moments with a photoshoot session. In this photoshoot, the couple chose a simple yet luxurious concept.

5. Wearing Formal Attire

Against a white background in a closed room, Citra Aulia Marwan and Fabian Soemarno posed in formal attire. Citra looked stunning in her gold silk gown, while Fabian looked elegant in his gray suit.

6. Simple yet Elegant

The concept of their prewedding photos received many praises for its simplicity yet luxurious impression. With just a few accessories, Citra Aulia Marwan and Fabian Soemarno sat on white chairs. They both looked very happy as their wedding day approached.

7. Some Questions from Netizens about Citra Aulia

8. Who is Citra Aulia?

Citra Aulia is the former girlfriend of Al Ghazali when they were still in high school. Their relationship lasted for two years, but in the middle of 2014, they decided to break up.

9. Who is Fabian Soemarno?

Fabian Soemarno is known as the descendant of prominent Indonesian businessman, Robert Budi Widjaja. His grandfather is the major shareholder of PT Tigaraksa Satria Tbk.

10. Who is Al Ghazali's Last Ex?

Al Ghazali and Alyssa Daguise were known to have been in a romantic relationship. However, unfortunately, they decided to end the relationship. After the breakup, Alyssa Daguise is rumored to have a new partner.

11. Who is Al Ghazali's Biological Child?

Al is the beloved child of renowned Indonesian musicians, Ahmad Dhani and Maia Estianty. He has two younger brothers, Ahmad El Jallaludin Rumi and Abdul Qodir Jaelani. Since childhood, music has been familiar to him thanks to his parents' profession as singers.

12. Who is Ghazali's Girlfriend Now?

There are rumors that Al Ghazali and Alyssa Daguise have rekindled their romantic relationship after ending it in 2022.


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