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Portrait of Public Figures Wearing Kartini Day Outfits, Amanda Manopo to Kahiyang Ayu Look Beautiful

Portrait of Public Figures Wearing Kartini Day Outfits, Amanda Manopo to Kahiyang Ayu Look Beautiful Portrait of public figures wearing Kartini Day outfits (Source: Instagram/@ayanggkahiyang, @amandamanopo) - Every April 21, the Indonesian people celebrate Kartini Day. On this commemoration, many famous figures choose to wear traditional Kartini outfits as a form of appreciation for Kartini's struggle for women's rights in Indonesia.

Amanda Manopo, a young actress known for her talent in the Indonesian entertainment industry, stands out. She looks enchanting in a graceful and charming Kartini traditional outfit, showcasing the beauty and elegance of Indonesian women.

Curious about the appearances of other famous figures in Kartini traditional outfits? Here is a summary of their photos on Monday (22/04/2024).

1. Kahiyang Ayu

Kahiyang Ayu showcases an elegant style by wearing a green tosca kebaya with brocade details, completed with a kemben accent around the stomach area and a gold brooch ornament.

For the combination, she chose batik fabric as the skirt. For her hairstyle, Kahiyang Ayu opted for an updo bun decorated with gold hairpins.

2. Amanda Manopo

In celebration of Kartini Day, Amanda Manopo looks mesmerizing in a black modern kebaya designed by Wilsen Willim. This kebaya design combines crop beskap and corset elements with attractive bead accents.

As a complement, Amanda chose contrasting colored batik fabric for the bottom. Her graceful impression is enhanced by a bun hairstyle decorated with gold hairpins.

3. Diah Permatasari

Diah Permatasari wears a pink kutubaru kebaya that exudes elegance. The kebaya has a floral design that makes her look fashionable.

Unlike many public figures who choose a bun hairstyle, Diah chooses to let her short hair flow freely.

4. Nikita Mirzani

Nikita Mirzani showcases an elegant appearance in a long black kebaya, with square details on the sleeves. A green shawl and brown batik skirt complete her style while celebrating Kartini Day.

5. Enzy Storia

In the latest occasion, Enzy showcased her enchanting charm by wearing a golden cream-colored Kartini kebaya, paired with Aceh songket-patterned overslag fabric. A selendang was used as an obi belt to add a modern touch to her appearance.

6. Why is April 21 Celebrated as Kartini Day?

The reason is that she is the main figure in the struggle for women's emancipation to obtain equal rights, including the right to education. She is known by the name Raden Adjeng Kartini or more popularly known as R.A Kartini. She was born in Jepara, Central Java, on April 21, 1879.

7. What Does Kartini Day Commemorate?

Kartini Day is celebrated to honor the struggle of RA Kartini in advancing women's rights in Indonesia. In addition, Kartini also fought for fair education. Because of her contributions, Kartini Day is still respected and celebrated every year.

8. What Struggles Were Carried Out by RA Kartini?

As a tribute to her efforts in advocating for education for women, April 21st was designated as Kartini Day.

9. What Attire is Worn on Kartini Day?

On that date, many women choose to wear kebaya or traditional clothing from their region as a way to honor RA Kartini Djojoadiningrat. The tradition of wearing kebaya on Kartini Day is still preserved and celebrated to this day.

10. What is Kebaya Traditional Clothes?

Kebaya originates from the Arabic word 'abaya' which means clothing. According to Denys Lombard, an expert in Javanese cultural history, the origin of the word kebaya can be traced back to the Arabic word 'Kaba' which means garment.


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