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Profile and Interesting Facts about Lady Rara, a Dangdut Singer Who is Skilled at Playing Guitar and Has Collaborated with Hyuk VIXX

Profile and Interesting Facts about Lady Rara, a Dangdut Singer Who is Skilled at Playing Guitar and Has Collaborated with Hyuk VIXX Photo of Lady Rara with Hyuk VIXX (Source: Instagram/@lida_rara06) - Lady Rara, or known by her real name Tiyara Ramadhani, gained wide recognition through her performances in Liga Dangdut Indonesia (LIDA) in 2018. Her musical talent has captivated many people, and now she has many loyal followers.

In 2020, Rara's career has been flourishing. Besides being a dangdut singer, she is also active as a presenter on several television programs. Additionally, her skill in playing the guitar and collaboration with Korean singers have also garnered attention.

Want to know more about Lady Rara? Check out her profile and interesting information that was presented on Tuesday (23/04/2024).

1. Profile and Biodata of Lady Rara

Full Name: Tiyara Ramadhani

Stage Name: Rara LIDA

Place, Date of Birth: Prabumulih City, South Sumatra, December 6, 2001

Age: 20 years old

Religion: Islam

Profession: singer, presenter, actress

Instagram: @lida_rara06

Born in Prabumulih, South Sumatra on December 6, 2001, Tiyara Ramadhani is widely known as Rara LIDA or Lady Rara. Currently, she is pursuing a career as a singer, actor, and presenter.

2. Graduate of Talent Search Competition

Rara started her journey in the entertainment world by participating in the selection of Liga Dangdut Indonesia 2018 held by Indosiar in Palembang, South Sumatra. In that competition, her efforts paid off as she successfully became the runner-up of LIDA 2018.

After the competition, Rara participated in the LIDA Asia audition and successfully achieved the second position as Indonesia's representative.

3. Jago Main Gitar

Not only does she have a melodious voice, but Rara also has excellent guitar-playing skills. This ability was showcased when she performed on a television program, playing the song 'Judi' by Bang Haji Rhoma Irama.

4. Once Collaborated with Hyuk VIXX

In the Dangdut K-Pop 29ther event, Indosiar presented a collaboration between singer Lady Rara and Hyuk from VIXX. The video uploaded on Indosiar's YouTube channel on Sunday (11/2/2024) has been viewed by 65 thousand viewers.

Fans praised the duet and the luxurious impression of Hyuk and Lady Rara's collaborative performance in singing the song titled Jangan Buang Waktuku.

5. Career Soaring Higher

In 2020, Rara experienced a significant career growth. Besides being a dangdut singer, she also expanded her presence by becoming a host in various television programs. Among them, she appeared as a host on Indosiar, including programs such as LIDA, Semarak Indosiar, Indonesian Dangdut Awards, and D'Academy.

Not only that, Rara also ventured into the acting world by starring in a soap opera titled Kulepas dengan Ikhlas in 2021. Previously, in 2018 and 2019, she also appeared in several FTVs with the title Kisah Nyata which aired on Indosiar.

6. What is Rara LIDA's real name?

Tiyara Ramadhani, who is more popularly known as Rara LIDA or Lady Rara, was born on December 6, 2001, and is known as a singer, presenter, and actress from Indonesia.

7. What is Rara's background?

Rara gained fame after participating in Liga Dangdut Indonesia LIDA (Season 1), which was broadcasted by Indosiar in 2018. In the competition, Rara successfully achieved the Runner Up position.

8. How many times did Lady Rara win?

Her second place achievement made her name even more popular, especially because her videos always became a topic of discussion on YouTube. Rara received wide recognition for her ability to sing various genres of music such as pop, dangdut, rock, melayu, and jazz from the D'Asia judges.

9. Who is Rara LIDA's Boyfriend?

Tiyara Ramadhani, popularly known as Rara Lida, has been in a relationship with Al Adul for 2.5 years. Rara shares the story of their meeting with the Arab-blooded man.

10. Who is Rara's Boyfriend, Aladul?

Tiyara Ramadhani and Abdullah Alaydrus, often called Aladull, have been in a relationship for almost three years. Aladull is known as a skilled magician with his tricks and has an attractive appearance.


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