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Professional When Shooting a Film, Risa Saraswati Tries to Ignore the Ghosts on Set

Professional When Shooting a Film, Risa Saraswati Tries to Ignore the Ghosts on Set Risa Saraswati © Abbas Nugroho - The success of the YouTube channel Jurnal Risa inspired the production house MD Pictures to make a film about Risa Saraswati and her sister. They were involved in a mockumentary film titled JURNAL RISA BY RISA SARASWATI.

Since it was their first time acting in a film, Risa and her sister felt very challenged. Because they are used to being themselves in front of the camera, now they have to memorize dialogues.

"This is the first time we appear in a feature film. It's very different from when we do YouTube, because having a script is one of our challenges," said Risa when met at Epicentrum XXI, Rasuna Said area, South Jakarta, on Thursday (4/7).

1. Ignoring Supernatural Beings

The shooting location used by JURNAL RISA BY RISA SARASWATI was revealed by Risa Saraswati to have many spirits. However, because they were filming a movie, they remained professional in their acting.

"The film production team didn't see anything, but the Jurnal Risa team saw everything. If it can be included in the content, we will include it. But we try to be professional by ignoring them," said Risa.

2. Summoning Supernatural Beings on Location

During the shooting process under the direction of Rizal Mantovani, Risa Saraswati said that one of the Jurnal Risa team members had summoned a real spirit in one of the scenes. This was done to create an atmosphere that would evoke a sense of horror.

"They didn't disturb, but we also needed them. During the possession scene, Aa Angga really summoned the supernatural being, which greatly supported the film," Risa explained.


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