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Synopsis of the film STANDOFF (2016), the Struggle of a Former Military to Protect a Random Woman from a Cruel Killer

Synopsis of the film STANDOFF (2016), the Struggle of a Former Military to Protect a Random Woman from a Cruel Killer Film Standoff (credit: - The film STANDOFF is a thriller film filled with tension, directed by Adam Alleca. The film revolves around Carter Greene, a veteran who is shaken by war trauma and lives in isolation after tragically losing his family.

When a young girl named Bird accidentally witnesses a brutal murder by a ruthless hitman, Sade, she seeks refuge in Carter's house. Trapped in a terrifying situation, Carter must overcome his fear to protect Bird from danger.

The film STANDOFF triggers an epic conflict between despair and hope. Here is the complete synopsis of the film STANDOFF, along with the list of cast members. Let's check it out, KLovers.

1. Synopsis of the film STANDOFF

The synopsis of the film STANDOFF is a psychological thriller that tells the story of struggle, fear, and redemption. The film revolves around three main characters: Carter, a traumatized former soldier, Bird, a young girl who witnesses a brutal murder, and Sade, a ruthless hitman.

The story begins when Bird accidentally witnesses a murder committed by Sade at a funeral. Realizing that Bird has seen his actions, Sade immediately chases after the girl to silence her. In a panicked escape, Bird finds refuge in a secluded house occupied by Carter.

Carter, who is grappling with guilt and war memories, is initially reluctant to get involved but his instinct to protect kicks in. The battle between Sade and Carter soon begins, with Bird caught in the middle. Carter, armed only with an old rifle and a few bullets, must use his military skills to fight against Sade.

Throughout this intense siege, Sade tries every way to enter the house, while Carter strives to protect Bird and defeat Sade with all his limitations. Tension escalates rapidly as both men engage in psychological and physical warfare. During this conflict, a strong bond is formed between Carter and Bird.

Carter begins to see Bird as an opportunity to redeem himself and rediscover the meaning of his life. On the other hand, Bird finds a protector and hero in Carter. The emotional climax of the fight ultimately brings them to a point where they must face their fears and fight to survive.

2. Cast of the film STANDOFF

In addition to the film synopsis of STANDOFF, KLovers can also find out the cast list of the film STANDOFF. Here is the complete list of the cast of the film STANDOFF along with explanations of their characters:

1. Thomas Jane plays Carter Greene

Carter is a former soldier struggling with war trauma and guilt over the loss of his family. He lives alone in a secluded house and lives in isolation until he meets Bird. Throughout the film, Carter tries to protect Bird from the hired killers who are chasing her, using his military skills despite the limitations.

2. Laurence Fishburne plays Sade

Sade is a ruthless and merciless hired killer. She is determined to kill Bird after the girl witnesses her commit a murder. Sade is the main antagonist in this film, who tries to break through Carter's defenses to achieve her goal.

3. Ella Ballentine plays Bird

Bird is a young girl who accidentally becomes a witness to a brutal murder at a funeral. In her escape, she seeks refuge in Carter's house. Bird is a character who tries to survive with the help of Carter, and through this experience, she also helps Carter rediscover his purpose in life.

4. Joanna Douglas plays Mara Greene

Mara is Carter's late wife who appears in flashbacks and Carter's memories. Her departure leaves a deep wound in Carter, which affects his condition throughout the film.

5. John Tench plays Roger

Roger is a taxi driver who accidentally gets involved in the chase between Bird and Sade. Although his appearance is brief, he helps drive the story in the early part of the film.

6. Jim Watson plays Pederasi

Pederasi is a minor character who appears in brief scenes in the film, usually related to the development of the main character's background or action scenes.

That is the synopsis of the film STANDOFF that KLovers can read before watching the film. This film presents a tense story about courage and sacrifice, where hope arises even in the most desperate situations.


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