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7 Thai Dramas about Workaholics, Wrapped in the Struggle to Achieve Dreams - Searching for Love in Mature Age

7 Thai Dramas about Workaholics, Wrapped in the Struggle to Achieve Dreams - Searching for Love in Mature Age Thai Dramas about Workaholics (credit: - In a busy and competitive life, the concept of workaholics becomes an interesting theme in Thai dramas. This article will explore interesting stories about Thai dramas about workaholics, where individuals are trapped in the habit of excessive work.

Through complex characters, viewers are brought to understand the challenges faced by workaholics, as well as the impact on personal relationships and life balance. From workplace pressures to the search for the true meaning of happiness.

So, what are these dramas? Here is a list of Thai dramas about workaholics that you don't want to miss. Let's check it out, KLovers.

1. I NEED ROMANCE (2021)

Rating 7.6 Mydramalist
Episode 16 episode
Durasi 45 minutes
Tayang Netflix
Pemain Pancake Khemani, New Thitipoom, Peck Premana

Thailand drama about the first workaholic drama, I NEED ROMANCE. It tells the story of a 33-year-old strong fashion marketing director who meets a cheerful 26-year-old songwriter.

Both of them have a connected past but struggle in their relationship. As they reunite, they try to heal their past wounds and find true love.


Rating 7.9 Mydramalist
Episode 20 episode
Durasi 60 minutes
Tayang iQIYI, Netflix, WeTV
Pemain Mai Davika, Push Puttichai, Jackie Jackrin

Continuing, in 2022 there is a Thai drama about a workaholic titled YOU ARE MY HEARTBEAT. Sira, an honest and diligent entrepreneur, has to deal with Keetika, a cunning designer. Conflict arises when Keetika and Chanaratee, the owner's daughter, clash.

Sira, who was adopted by Premyuda, tries to save Sasa from chaos. He asks for Keetika's help, unaware of their past feelings. Along the way, Sira and Keetika start developing feelings for each other.


Rating 8.1 Mydramalist
Episode 37 episode
Durasi 40 menit
Tayang -
Pemain Toomtam Yuttana, Kaimook Rungrat, Kong Wittaya

Lanjut ada drama berjudul A WILDFLOWER IN THE CITY. Drama Thailand tentang workaholic ini berkisah tentang seorang gadis dari pinggiran kota melakukan perjalanan ke Bangkok untuk mencari pekerjaan.

Di tengah kerasnya kehidupan kota besar, dia dihadapkan dengan egoisme orang-orang di sekitarnya. Dalam perjuangannya untuk bertahan, dia harus menemukan kekuatan dalam dirinya untuk menemukan jalan menuju kehidupan yang lebih baik.

4. IT'S OK TO BE 30 (2023)

Rating - Mydramalist
Episode 12 episode
Durasi 52 minutes
Tayang -
Pemain Mind Thanidapha, Tonnam Piamcho, Foon Palin

Still in the year 2023, this time there is a Thai drama about a workaholic titled IT'S OK TO BE 30. It tells the story of Ploydao, a thirty-year-old struggling in her career and relationships. She works in an organization that goes against her values. She meets Namkhang, a psychologist who gives her a new direction. She quits her job and fixes old relationships, including with her ex-boyfriend Chanin.

5. START-UP (2024)

Rating 7.5 Mydramalist
Episode 16 episode
Durasi - minutes
Tayang TrueID
Pemain Up Poompat, Belle Kemisara, Great Sapol

In 2024, there is a Thai drama about workaholics titled START-UP. This drama, which is a remake of the Korean drama, tells the story of a group of young people working in a start-up business to pursue their dreams and goals.

In this drama, START-UP, they all face various challenges and happiness as they embark on their careers in the uncertain start-up world, while also dealing with the dynamics of love that decorate their lives on the path to success.


Rating 8.1 Mydramalist
Episode 16 episode
Durasi 53 minutes
Tayang Amazon
Pemain Toni Rakkaen, Lanlalin Tejasa, Nat Thewphaingam

And another Thai drama about workaholics is the drama ONCE A DOCTOR, ALWAYS A DOCTOR. This drama tells the story of a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Talodkarn, who decides to join the government service in the remote area of Yala.

He hopes that this new place will provide him with peace and distance himself from his bitter past. However, fate has other plans, an incident forces Talodkarn to return to his previous hospital. And Talodkarn is faced with unexpected challenges.

Those are some Thai dramas about workaholics that you can watch. This Thai drama teaches the importance of balancing career and personal life in overcoming work addiction.


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