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10 Drama With the Most Awards of All Time, Romantic - Slice Of Life Genre

10 Drama With the Most Awards of All Time, Romantic - Slice Of Life Genre (credit: - Awards are a measure of success for Korean dramas. Whether it's success in popularity or success in terms of the story. Like some dramas with the most awards of all time listed below.

Yes, these dramas with the most awards have successfully brought home dozens of prestigious awards, KLovers. It's no wonder that these dramas are called successful Korean dramas in terms of both story and popularity.

So, what are the dramas with the most awards? Here is a list of dramas with the most awards of all time. Let's check it out.

1. DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN (2016) - 45 awards

Rating 8.2 IMDB
Episode 16 episodes
Duration 60 minutes
Air Date iQIYI, VIKI, Netflix
Cast Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Yoon Myung Joo
The drama with the most awards is DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN which has 45 awards. Yes, this drama has reached its peak, KLovers, making Song Joong Ki's name popular both in Korea and internationally. And it becomes the best Korean drama of all time.

This Korean drama revolves around the life of Yoo Si Jin, a leader of an elite force, who has an indifferent attitude. One day, he meets a military doctor named Kang Mo Yeon. Their relationship naturally develops into a romantic relationship.

2. MY LOVE FROM THE STAR (2013) - 39 Awards

Rating 8.2 IMDB
Episode 21 episodes
Duration 58 minutes
Aired Vidio, VIU, VIKI, Netflix, iQIYI
Cast Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, Yoo In Na
The drama with the second most awards is MY LOVE FROM THE STAR. This drama has 39 awards. It is also a drama that is still widely watched today. This drama tells the story of an alien named Do Min Joon who landed on Earth 400 years ago.

Until finally, he becomes involved in a romantic relationship with Cheon Song Yi, who is a top Korean artist. Their love story begins so intriguingly, with the addition of a crime story that makes this drama even more exciting to follow.

3. WHEN THE CAMELLIA BLOOMS (2019) - 29 Awards

Rating 7.9 IMDB
Episode 40 episodes
Duration 35 minutes
Aired Netflix, WeTV
Cast Gong Hyo Jin, Kang Ha Neul, Kim Ji Suk
The drama with the most awards is titled WHEN THE CAMELLIA BLOOMS. This drama has received 29 prestigious awards, KLovers. This drama tells the story of a woman named Dong Baek. Dong Baek is a single mother who has just moved to a city called Ongsan with her son, Kang Pil Gu.

Dong Baek's arrival has made the residents of Ongsan, especially the mothers, restless. It not only tells the story of Dong Baek's life, but also the sweet and entertaining love story between Dong Baek and a local police officer named Hwang Yong Sik in the 2019 drama WHEN THE CAMELLIA BLOOMS.

4. GOBLIN (2016) - 26 Awards

Rating 8.2 IMDB
Episode 16 episodes
Duration 72 minutes
Airing Netflix, Viki, and Prime Video
Cast Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook
Then there's the drama GOBLIN, which is one of the dramas with the most awards. This drama has won 26 prestigious awards, KLovers. This Korean drama tells the story of a Goblin who is known as an immortal creature cursed because of his past life.

To break the curse, the Goblin seeks a bride who can pull out the sword from his body. The Goblin's bride turns out to be a beautiful girl named Ji Eun Tak. This high school girl was destined to die while still in the womb. However, the Goblin's kindness allowed her and her mother to survive.

5. THE HEIRS (2013) - 23 awards

Rating 8.2 IMDB
Episode 20 episodes
Duration 60 minutes
Aired VIU, Vidio, VIKI, Prime Video, iQIYI, Netflix, Apple TV
Cast Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin
Next, there is the drama THE HEIRS which has the most awards. This light drama about a school love story managed to win 23 awards.

In general, this drama tells the story of students' lives in an elite school. In this story of elite school students, there are Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan who become lovers from different social classes.

6. MOON EMBRACING THE SUN (2012) - 22 Awards

Rating 8.1 IMDB
Episode 20 episodes
Duration 65 minutes
Air Date WeTV, Netflix, Vidio, iQIYI, VIU, VIKI, Apple TV
Cast Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, Jung Il Woo
Drama MOON EMBRACING THE SUN is a drama with the most awards for the royal genre. This drama tells the story of King Lee Hwon and Heo Yeon Woo, who have been betrothed since they were teenagers. However, due to a reason, the Queen Mother sabotages their engagement.

The Queen Mother sabotages the engagement by attempting to kill Heo Yeon Woo, the noble princess. However, it turns out that the noble princess is revived but in a state of amnesia. Yeon Woo grows up with the name Wol. Until one event brings King Lee Hwon and Wol together, opening the opportunity for them to restart their past story.

7. SECRET GARDEN (2010) - 22 Awards

Rating 8.1 IMDB
Episode 20 episodes
Duration 65 minutes
Airing WeTV, Netflix, Vidio, iQIYI
Cast Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, Yoon Sang Hyun
Drama with the most awards in 2010 is still one of the best dramas of all time that is still watched until now. Drama SECRET GARDEN tells the story of Kim Joo Won who works as a CEO in a department store.

However, one day for some reason he can switch bodies with Gil Ra Im, a woman. As a result of this incident, Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im eventually get involved in a unique love story. And become one of the Korean dramas about swapped souls.

8. QUEEN SEON DEOK (2009) - 21 Awards

Rating 8.6 IMDB
Episode 62 episodes
Duration 65 minutes
Aired VIU, Apple TV
Cast Lee Yo Won, Go Hyun Jung, Kim Nam Gil
Drama QUEEN SEON DEOK successfully received 21 awards and became the second historical drama to achieve many awards. This drama tells the story of Queen Seondeok, the first queen in the history of the Korean kingdom civilization.

Queen Seondeok leads when Korea is ruled by the Silla Kingdom Dynasty, which was directly appointed by King Jinheung through a dying will. Seondeok's appointment as the crown princess shocked the entire royal court and gave birth to several internal rebellions within the kingdom.

9. HOT STOVE LEAGUE (2019) - 20 Awards

Rating 8.3 IMDB
Episode 16 episodes
Duration 62 minutes
Airing VIU, VIKI, Netflix
Cast Nam Koong Min, Park Eun Bin, Cho Byeong Kyu
Drama HOT STOVE LEAGUE which has received 20 awards is also included in the drama with the most awards. This drama tells the story of Lee Se Young, who is the youngest manager of a baseball team called Dreams, which is known for losing. Lee Se Young is very passionate about sports.

One day, Baek Seung Soo is appointed as the general manager of Dreams. Although he has been involved in the world of sports, especially baseball, for a long time, almost all the teams he has handled have hardly won any national championships. In fact, some teams had to be disbanded due to financial difficulties.

10. I CAN HEAR YOUR VOICE (2013) - 20 Awards

Rating 8.1 IMDB
Episode 18 episodes
Duration 60 minutes
Aired VIU, Vidio, iQIYI, WeTV, Netflix, VIKI, Apple TV
Cast Lee Jong Suk, Lee Bo Young, Yoon Sang Hyun
Drama I CAN HEAR YOUR VOICE has won 20 prestigious awards. This drama tells the story of a high school student who has the ability to hear other people's thoughts. He gained this power after his father's death.

He uses his ability to help solve legal cases with Jang Hye Sung. Not only is it full of mystical elements, but this drama is also one of the dramas with the most awards that shouldn't be missed.


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