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Behind Your Touch, These are 5 Latest Suho Dramas from Various Genres that Must be Watched

Behind Your Touch, These are 5 Latest Suho Dramas from Various Genres that Must be Watched (Credit: - Not only known as an idol and a member of the EXO group, Suho is also popular as an actor. Until now, there have been many dramas and films that he has starred in. It's no wonder that fans are always looking forward to Suho's latest dramas.

In 2023, it is known that there are two latest Suho dramas that you should anticipate. The dramas are titled ARTHDAL CHRONICLES SEASON 2 and BEHIND YOUR TOUCH. In addition, there are still dramas from previous years that you should definitely watch.

Now, if you want to know a number of Suho's latest dramas, please read the information below.


Duration1 hour 10 minutes
AiredNetflix, tvN
CastLee Joon Gi, SHin Se Kyung, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ok Bin
ARTHDAL CHRONICLES SEASON 2 or ARTHDAL CHRONICLES: THE SWORD OF ARAMOON is the latest Suho drama in 2023 that you should look forward to. Although not as the main character, Suho's guest role is certainly interesting to follow. In general, this drama tells the story of heroes who create their own legends in a mythical land called Arth.

Now, in season 2, this drama will focus on the events that take place in Arth about a decade later. For more than eight years, Arthdal has managed to suppress a major rebellion from the tribes fought by Tagon in Season 1. The kingdom of Arthdal led by Tagon and the Confederation led by Eunseom will face an unavoidable war for the fate of the Arthdal Continent.


Durasi60 minutes
TayangjTBC, Netflix, TVING
PemainHan Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, Suho, Joo Min Kyung
Next, there is a recommendation for Suho's latest drama in 2023 that you must anticipate. This drama is titled BEHIND YOUR TOUCH. In this drama, Suho plays one of the main characters named Kim Sun Woo. According to the scheduled time, this drama will air on August 12, 2023.

Carrying the theme of comedy investigation, this drama tells the story of Bong Ye Boon (Han Ji Min), a veterinarian who suddenly gains the psychometry ability to see the past of humans and animals. In addition, there is Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki), a detective who is trying to return to the criminal investigation team in Seoul.

3. HOW ARE U BREAD (2020)

Rating6.7/10 Mydramalist
Durasi42 minutes
Air DateNaver TV Cast, Viki
CastSuho, Lee Se Young, Moon Ji Yoon
HOW ARE U BREAD is also one of Suho's latest dramas in 2020 that you can't miss. Although it's been a few years, the story is still interesting to follow. In general, this drama tells the story of Han Do Woo, an unbeatable pastry chef. One day, there's a rumor that anyone who tastes Do Woo's pastries will have their wishes come true. Of course, this becomes a topic of discussion among the public.

Noh Mi Rae, a popular cooking show writer, is determined to get Do Woo as a guest on her show. Although Do Woo firmly refuses, Mi Rae doesn't give up and tries everything she can. This drama premiered on January 17, 2020. You can watch it in a marathon, KLovers!

4. RICH MAN (2018)

Rating7.3/10 Mydramalist
Durasi1 hour 5 minutes
TayangDramaX, Viki, Hulu, Apple TV
PemainSuho, Ha Yeon Soo, Oh Chang Seok, Kim Ye Won
If you're looking for the latest Suho drama recommendation, RICH MAN airing in 2018 might be the answer. Starring as Yoo Chan, Suho acts alongside Ha Yeon Soo, Oh Chang Seok, and Kim Ye Won. The story of this drama revolves around Lee Yoo Chan, a CEO of an IT company who suffers from prosopagnosia, a condition that prevents him from recognizing other people's faces.

This condition makes him very cautious and distrustful of people around him. One day, fate brings him together with Bo Ra, who aspires to work at Lee Yoo Chan's company. This meeting becomes the starting point of a major change in their lives.


Rating8.0/10 Mydramalist
Durasi10 minutes
AiringMBC, Naver TV
CastSuho, Ji Woo, Yoon Jin Sol, Shin Hyun Soo
Next, there's Suho's latest 2017 drama titled THE UNIVERSE'S STAR. This short drama, with each episode lasting only 10 minutes, features Suho as the character Woo Joo. His character is named Byul, a female grim reaper who has the task of guiding souls who have passed away to the afterlife.

When Byul meets her idol, Woo Joo, who is about to die, she tries to save him. Throughout the process, Byul discovers a special light and learns about the importance of relationships that transcend space and time. This drama first aired on January 26, 2017.

Well, KLovers, those are the latest Suho dramas from various genres that you can watch.


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