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Portrait of Farida Nurhan when Young and Before Plastic Surgery, Said to Resemble Sopiah Who Disguised Herself as a Man to Work as a Laborer

Portrait of Farida Nurhan when Young and Before Plastic Surgery, Said to Resemble Sopiah Who Disguised Herself as a Man to Work as a Laborer Portrait of Farida Nurhan and Sopiah (Credit: Instagram/farida.nurhan) - Farida Nurhan is known as a youtuber and influencer who often attracts attention. The celebrity who often creates culinary content has caught attention for her facial transformation after plastic surgery.

Recently, Farida Nurhan was highlighted again because her old photos were considered similar to Sopiah. Sopiah herself went viral for disguising herself as a man to work as a laborer.

So, what does the portrait of Farida Nurhan when she was young and said to resemble Sopiah look like? Let's find out more information below.

1. Portrait of Farida Nurhan when she was young

Farida Nurhan has become a well-known public figure thanks to her YouTube content. In addition, she often attracts attention through her appearance and charm. Recently, Farida Nurhan showed a portrait of herself when she was young. The photo was taken in 2001 when Farida Nurhan was 18 years old.

2. Before Plastic Surgery

Through the portrait of Farida Nurhan when she was young, her original face before plastic surgery can be seen. With her simple appearance in the past, Farida Nurhan actually looked beautiful, KLovers!

3. Said to Resemble Sopiah

Lately, Farida Nurhan admitted that many people say that her portrait before plastic surgery resembles Sopiah. She wants to prove it by meeting the girl who intentionally disguised herself as a boy directly.

"Many people have been saying that Adek Sopiah looks like Omay before plastic surgery." Farida Nurhan wrote on her portrait with Sopiah.

4. Woman Who Disguised Herself as a Man

Sopiah has recently gone viral because she is willing to disguise herself as a man in order to earn a living as a laborer. Sopiah's story seems to touch the hearts of many people, including Farida Nurhan. In the past, Farida Nurhan also worked as a domestic worker in Singapore when she was still young.

"Sister Sopiah, we look alike, don't we? This was me when I turned 18 (2001) and was about to work in Singapore to try my luck as a domestic worker," wrote Farida Nurhan.

5. Both Have Short Hair

One striking similarity between young Farida Nurhan and Sopiah is their short hair style. While Sopiah intentionally cut her hair to look like a man, Farida Nurhan wanted her appearance to look neat.

"Omay's weight at that time was 36 kg and her hair also had to be cut short like a man to look clean and neat," continued Farida Nurhan.

6. Farida and Sopiah Meet in Person

The meeting between Farida and Sopiah seems to be a very touching moment for netizens. Their struggle in their youth to earn a living is indeed worthy of appreciation. However, Sopiah can be seen laughing freely when meeting Farida Nurhan.

7. Sopiah Prayed for Many Blessings

The content of togetherness between Farida Nurhan and Sopiah went viral on social media. Many people prayed for Sopiah to have abundant blessings. Because Farida Nurhan, who once lived a life full of struggle, can now enjoy the results.

Now, KLovers, those are a series of pictures of Farida Nurhan when she was young and before plastic surgery, which is said to resemble Sopiah.



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