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Not Prohibited by Husband, Putri Isnari Will Still Be a Dangdut Singer After Marriage

Not Prohibited by Husband, Putri Isnari Will Still Be a Dangdut Singer After Marriage Putri Isnari is not prohibited by her husband to become a dangdut singer © - Putri Isnari is currently happy because she has just changed her status to become the wife of a man named Abdul Aziz. They recently held a wedding ceremony, precisely on Saturday, April 20, 2024.

Certainly, after marriage, Putri Isnari's life will not be the same as when she was still single. In fact, it is not uncommon for many singers to eventually choose to quit their profession because they are prohibited by their husbands.

1. Not Prohibited to Pursue a Career

However, this does not apply to Putri Isnari. She said that even though she is married and becomes a wife, Abdul Aziz does not prohibit her from continuing her career.

"Allowed, there is mother Harisiwi Achmad who directly asked Aziz, 'can she still sing'. He also appreciates the efforts of his daughter since she was young," said Putri during a virtual interview on Sunday (21/4).

2. Not Stopping Singing

Putri also said that she and her husband have agreed not to stop singing even though they are already married. Because being a singer is Putri's way of seeking pleasure, not just a profession.

"It depends. Whether my husband can fulfill my needs, needs are not just about money," she said.

"Like my pleasure is singing. That's my entertainment, singing while working," she added.

3. Already Discussed

However, Putri does not refuse if her husband can meet her needs. Putri also hopes to continue singing even though she has become someone's wife.

"If he is not capable yet and cannot do it, it has been discussed from the beginning," she said.


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