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Can't Wait Anymore, Kim Rae Won's Drama 'THE FIRST RESPONDERS SEASON 2' Will Air Next Month

Can't Wait Anymore, Kim Rae Won's Drama 'THE FIRST RESPONDERS SEASON 2' Will Air Next Month Son Ho Jun - Gong Seung Yeon - Kim Rae Won ┬ęSBS - After the action-packed first season that saw the first responders working together to uncover the past crimes of Ma Taehwa, a new colleague from the National Forensic Service will join the team to uncover the true mastermind behind the crimes in THE FIRST RESPONDERS SEASON 2.

Dex is an expert in medicine, law, engineering, firearms, hacking, and toxicology. He is also known as the criminal mastermind responsible for some of the biggest scandals in Hollywood, the political world, and among billionaires.

Dex's perfect record of committing crimes without being caught by the police comes to an end when Detective Jin Hogae arrests Ma Taehwa for carrying out Dex's perfect crime. Determined to seek revenge on Hogae, Dex will break his only rule and return to South Korea to carry out his own crimes in an effort to dismantle the first responders.

Disney+ Hotstar

Starring Kim Rae Won (THE DOCTORS) as Detective Jin Hogae, Son Ho Jun (REPLY 1994) as Bong Dojin, a firefighter, Gong Seung Yeon (SIX FLYING DRAGONS) as paramedic Song Seol, and Jeon Sung Woo (PALE MOON) as Dex, the mastermind behind the crimes, THE FIRST RESPONDERS SEASON 2 is directed by Shin Kyung Soo (DEEP ROOTED TREE) and written by Min Ji Eun (PARTNERS FOR JUSTICE).

Watch THE FIRST RESPONDERS SEASON 2 starting from August 4, 2023 on Disney+ Hotstar! ;)


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