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Handsome but Red Flag, Here are 6 Handsome Psychopath Korean Movies with Thrilling Stories

Handsome but Red Flag, Here are 6 Handsome Psychopath Korean Movies with Thrilling Stories Handsome Psychopath Korean Movies (Credit: Mydramalist) - Not only romantic stories, Korean movies are also popular for their thrilling psychopath stories. Interestingly, this genre is also starred by handsome actors with amazing abilities. No wonder that handsome psychopath Korean movies are in high demand.

As a result, handsome psychopath Korean movies not only offer tension, but also captivate with charming main characters. While watching, you may be made nervous by two things, its full plot and charismatic characters.

Now, if you are looking for recommendations of thrilling handsome psychopath Korean movies, please check out the following information.

1. MIDNIGHT (2021)

Rating 8.4/10 Mydramalist
Durasi 1 hour 43 minutes
Tayang Tubi, Prime Video, Apple TV, Netflix
Pemain Jin Ki Joo, Wi Ha Joon, Park Hoon, etc.

MIDNIGHT is one of the handsome psychopath Korean films that you should watch. This film tells the story of a deaf woman being chased by a serial killer. The storyline of this film is guaranteed to make the audience feel tense.

Interestingly, this film stars Jin Ki Joo as Kyung Mi, a deaf woman who lives with her mother. One day, Kyung Mi witnesses Do Shik (Wi Ha Joon) committing a murder. When discovered, Do Shik becomes furious and chases Kyung Mi to make her his next target.


Rating 7.8/10 Mydramalist
Duration 1 hour 52 minutes
Release -
Cast Kim Yoon Seok, Ju Ji Hoon, Moon Jung Hee, etc.

Next, there is a handsome psychopath Korean film titled DARK FIGURE OF CRIME. In general, this film tells the story of Tae O (Ju Ji Hoon), a cold-blooded killer who can deceive law enforcement and profit from his abilities.

Tae O knows how to evade and manipulate the law to strengthen his position. However, this time he faces Hyung Min, a detective who doesn't easily give up. So, what will happen to Tae O next?

3. VIP (2017)

Rating 7.6/10 Mydramalist
Durasi 2 hours 8 minutes
Tayang iQIYI
Pemain Kim Myung Min, Jang Dong Gun, Lee Jong Suk, etc.

If you're looking for a handsome Korean psychopath movie, VIP could be the answer. This film tells the story of Kim Gwang-il, played by the handsome actor Lee Jong Suk. He is involved in a serial murder case. The conflict becomes more complicated because Gwang-il is the son of a South Korean General.

Gwang-il kidnaps and tortures teenage girls, and is not hesitate to kill them. However, the police cannot take action due to the CIA protection obtained by Gwang-il through his father. So, how will this case continue?

4. MONSTER (2014)

Rating 7.7/10 Mydramalist
Duration 1 hour 53 minutes
Release Prime Video, Tubi
Cast Lee Min Ki, Kim Go Eun, Kim Roe Ha, etc.

MONSTER is also a must-watch handsome psychopath Korean film. This film tells the story of Bok Soon, a roadside stall owner who takes care of her younger sister. Her life changes drastically when she meets a serial killer named Tae Soo (Lee Min Ki). Tae Soo kills Bok Soon's sister.

Driven by anger and revenge, Bok Soon is determined to hunt down Tae Soo brutally. This film depicts the struggle between the furious Bok Soon and the cold-hearted Tae Soo.


Rating 8.1/10 Mydramalist
Durasi 2 hours
Tayang Tubi
Pemain Jung Jae Young, Park Shi Hoo, Min Ji Ah, etc.

The next handsome psychopath Korean film is titled CONFESSION OF MURDER. This film tells the story of Lee Doo Suk (Park Shi Hoo) who confesses to being a serial killer and publishes his autobiography titled I Am Killer, which becomes a bestseller.

Detective Choi, who is investigating the murder cases by Lee 15 years ago, starts hunting Lee again. Lee's public confession leads to his arrest and criticism from the victims' families. However, this film will surprise viewers with its unexpected storyline. Curious?

6. BLIND (2011)

Rating 8.2/10 Mydramalist
Duration 1 hour 51 minutes
Released Tubi, Viki
Cast Kim Ha Neul, Yoo Seung Ho, Jo Hee Bong, etc.

There is another handsome psychopath Korean film that you need to watch. The film titled BLIND tells the story of a missing college student and the emergence of a blind witness named Min Soo Ah. Despite her limitations, she is determined to solve the case.

Soo Ah, previously a student at the police academy with sharp senses. She is able to uncover important clues in this case. However, another witness, Kwon Ki Sub (Yoo Seung Ho), testifies against Soo Ah. The investigation becomes more complicated. Meanwhile, Soo Ah must fight hard against the killer.

Well, KLovers, those are a series of handsome psychopath Korean films with thrilling stories.



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