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10 Exciting Children's Tourist Destinations in Various Major Cities in Indonesia for School Holidays

10 Exciting Children's Tourist Destinations in Various Major Cities in Indonesia for School Holidays Portrait of Jatim Park 1 (Source: Nagantour) - The National Exam (US) has been completed for students from elementary to high school, and they will soon enjoy a long vacation before moving up to the next grade. School holidays in DKI Jakarta start on June 22nd until July 6th, 2024. Meanwhile, in other places like Central Java, the holidays will last longer until July 20th, 2024, and in East Java until July 13th, 2024. On the other hand, in West Java, the school holidays will only start on July 1st until July 13th, 2024.

The holiday season gives children the opportunity to engage in various activities, not just staying at home or playing around their neighborhood. Parents can also take advantage of this opportunity to take their children on vacation. There are many interesting and exciting tourist destinations in various cities in Indonesia that are suitable for school holidays.

Here are some interesting tourist destinations that can be visited during the school holidays, as summarized on Tuesday (11/06/2024).

1. Jakarta

There are various choices of school holiday destinations that can be explored in Jakarta. This includes a variety of experiences, ranging from exploring nature, enjoying cultural heritage, to following historical journeys. Examples are Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Monumen Nasional, Ragunan Zoo, and exciting adventures in Ancol by visiting Dufan or Sea World.

2. Bogor

Located closer to Jakarta, Bogor offers choices for those who want to vacation in the Jabodetabek area. There are several interesting places in Bogor that are worth visiting, such as Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor, Bogor Aquagame, The Jungle Waterpark Bogor, and various other destinations.

3. Yogyakarta

During the school holiday season, Yogyakarta attracts attention as a favorite destination. There are various tourist attractions there, including local cuisine, historical sites, and enchanting natural panoramas. When visiting Yogyakarta, there are several places worth visiting, such as Malioboro Street, the magnificent Prambanan Temple, the educational Taman Pintar, the Gembira Loka Zoo, and many other interesting choices.

4. Bandung

For residents of Jakarta, Bandung is also an easily accessible holiday alternative. There are various interesting destinations available in Bandung that can be enjoyed during the holiday season, such as Ranca Upas, Kawah Putih, Farmhouse Susu Lembang, Bandung Zoo, and many more.

5. Semarang

One of the vacation destinations that is rarely mentioned during school holidays is Semarang. However, in this city, there are several interesting destinations worth visiting such as Kampung Batik, Saloka Theme Park, and The Wujil Aquapark.

6. Medan

For explorers of Sumatra Island, Medan offers a variety of interesting school vacation destinations. Recommended tourist destinations in this city include Hairos Waterpark, Bukit Lawang, and Museum Tjong A Fie Mansion.

7. Surabaya

Various interesting places in Surabaya can be enjoyed during school holidays, including Suncity Waterpark, Blockbuster Museum, and Keputih Bamboo Forest.

8. Pekanbaru

There are various attractive attractions available in various tourist destinations in Pekanbaru. There are diverse entertainment venues such as amusement parks, museums, and historical sites worth visiting. Among them are Asia Farm Theme Park, Muara Takus Temple, Labersa Waterpark, and many more.

9. Malang

The lack of awareness of the potential of Malang City as a holiday destination for students is not balanced with the variety of interesting and beneficial tourist attractions there. One of them is Jatim Park 1 and Museum Angkut. Not only that, there are also Batu Night Spectacular and Kampung Jodipan which are attractive with various displayed colors.

10. Bali

Tourist destinations in Bali are diverse, offering exciting experiences for children. For example, Tanah Lot, Kecak Dance performances in Uluwatu, Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, and various other interesting destinations.

11. Some Questions from Netizens about Tourist Destinations

12. What Month is the Class Promotion in 2024?

According to the schedule of the Central Java Education Calendar for the 2023/2024 Academic Year, the class promotion holiday period in 2024 is planned to start from June 24th to July 20th, 2024.

13. When is the Class Promotion Holiday in 2024?

According to the schedule listed in the Central Java Education Calendar for the 2023/2024 Academic Year, the class promotion holiday is scheduled to start from June 24th to July 20th, 2024. This means that elementary to high school level students will enjoy a 27-day holiday towards the end of the academic year.

14. Where to go on vacation in Jakarta?

Ragunan, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Trans Studio Cibubur, Pulau Seribu, Kota Tua, Jakarta Aquarium, Tebet Eco Park, and Blok M area are famous tourist destinations in Jakarta.

15. What are the types of tourism?

Some of them are as follows:

  • Cultural Tourism

  • Nature Tourism

  • Adventure Tourism

  • Business Tourism

  • Religious Tourism

16. What is meant by tourist destination?

Tourist destinations are administratively managed areas that contain attractive attractions, public facilities, and easy access, which are tourist destinations.


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