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APMF 2024 to be Held in Bali, Sutanto Hartono Talks about the Combination of AI & Human Touch

APMF 2024 to be Held in Bali, Sutanto Hartono Talks about the Combination of AI & Human Touch Credit: Special - Thousands of creative industry activists from Indonesia, Asia, and Europe gathered at the Asia Pacific Conference for Media, Advertising and Marketing (APMF) 2024. These creative industry activists come from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangkok, the Netherlands, New York, and Los Angeles.

They gathered to develop networks and innovate to build big things in the future. Chairman of APMF, Andi Sadha, said that the event titled Make Your Mark is like celebrating the 'Eid' moment in the creative industry.

After previously competing in a healthy manner in this industry, APMF becomes a platform for exchanging progress and sharing positive things to build a more advanced industrial world with various innovations.

"It's easy to say this is a family reunion, the 'Eid' of the industry's children. You can all be a big happy family that can build networks and build great things. It can be said that this is a family reunion, the 'Eid' of the industry's children. You all can become a big happy family that can build networks and build great things," said Andi Sadha when officially opening APMF held at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center on May 1-3, 2024.

Furthermore, he hopes that several speakers can inspire the attendees so that after the 'Eid' holiday, they can generate big ideas and strengthen collaboration.

1. Stakeholders in the Marketing, Creative, and Media World

The 10th APMF, held from May 1 to 3, 2024, highlights the dynamics and trends in the marketing, media, and communication industries amidst the technological revolution and rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI). It also further solidifies its role as the main platform for industry players to exchange ideas and innovations in facing increasingly complex challenges.

This APMF event is a gathering for stakeholders in the marketing, creative, and media world. It is an Asian Pacific event. The number of participants exceeds 1,000 people, including speakers from Asia and other countries. This event is held every two years and has reached its 10th edition.

Andi Sadha stated that APMF's role is becoming increasingly important for industry players. APMF provides opportunities for industry leaders and innovators to share their insights.

In addition, APMF defines best practices that can inspire the next generation. APMF has also produced influential figures in their respective fields.

"This year's APMF is attended by more than 1,000 participants from various backgrounds and expertise, who participate in a series of activities such as practical learning through APMF labs, seeking inspiration and insights in conference sessions, and having exciting experiences in the Immersive Playground expo," he said.

2. Building Networks

Similar to Andi Sadha, Arko Van Brakel, Co-Founder of Semcostyle, said that the APFM event is extraordinary for building networks and sharing positive things in the world of creative industries and brands.

"With quality speakers, I think this is an amazing event that can inspire participants to build networks and change the perspective on how to build a better working atmosphere that can generate creative ideas," said Arko in an interview session with Liputan6 on Thursday, May 2, 2024.

Meanwhile, Co-Chairwoman of APMF, Devi Attamimi, said that APMF 2024 invites participants to build a sustainable legacy that has an impact amidst the dynamics of the industry and changing consumer behavior.

"Each individual plays an important role in shaping the future of the industry and cannot simply focus on short-term success. This theme is a call to harness the optimal potential of each individual, contribute to the common good, and inspire positive change for the progress of the industry," she said.

3. Combination of AI & Human Touch

Meanwhile, Sutanto Hartono, Managing Director of Emtek, CEO of SCM & Vidio, said that the powerful onslaught of artificial intelligence usage must be approached intelligently. According to him, the contribution of AI technology in the TV industry is just the beginning, but no one knows what the future holds.

"We do have an idea of what AI can do. But I believe that five years from now, the capabilities of AI will be even more powerful. For example, AI can not only help us improve our analysis capabilities, but also be generative and produce its own content. For instance, it could create news articles on its own, and so on," he said.

"But I must emphasize that human touch, especially in the creative process, cannot be fully replaced. Creativity cannot be applied 100% by machines. Machines can assist, but they cannot replace creativity. The combination of both must be maintained," he concluded.


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