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Babe Cabita's Beloved Vespa Sold for 212 Million Rupiah, Proceeds Used to Build a Mosque!

Babe Cabita's Beloved Vespa Sold for 212 Million Rupiah, Proceeds Used to Build a Mosque! Portrait of Babe Cabita (Credit: and - Written By: Reza Ahmad Zahid

Babe Cabita's beloved Vespa has been sold at a fantastic price of Rp. 212 million in an auction organized by his wife, Fati Indraloka. The auction for the Vespa Darling 50s (JDM) started on April 29, 2024. The proceeds from the sale of this Vespa will be donated to the construction of the Al-Muwwadihin Mosque in Medan and the construction of the Al-Bayan Al-Islami Islamic boarding school in Deli Serdang.

The auction, which started at a price of 70 million, was closed on May 5. Many celebrities and colleagues of Babe Cabita participated in this auction and offered their best prices. Some of them included Gilang Juragan 99 and Rigen Rakelna. Finally, the Vespa was sold to the owner of the Instagram account @arofatmedia, who is a book author.

1. Beloved Vespa Auctioned by Wife

This beloved Vespa owned by Babe Cabita was auctioned by his wife, Fati Indraloka, through her personal Instagram account. Babe Cabita used this Darling 50s Vespa throughout his life to go to the mosque and create social media content.

There was an extraordinary enthusiasm shown by the participants of the auction. It started at a price of 70 million rupiah, and many bids went above 100 million rupiah. Many participants wanted to own Babe Cabita's Vespa while also contributing to the construction of a mosque and Islamic boarding school. This Vespa was sold for 212 million rupiah to the owner of Instagram account @arofatmedia. Fati Indraloka expressed her gratitude to the participants for their participation in this Vespa auction.

2. Delivery of Vespa to the Auction Winner

The Vespa that was sold for Rp. 212 million has been shipped and received by @arofatmedia as the auction winner. The proceeds from the sale of this Vespa have also been given to representatives of Masjid Al-Muhawwhidin in Medan and the Al-Bayan Al-Islami Islamic Boarding School in Deli Serdang through the foundation of Ustadz Khalid Basalamah.

"Alhamdulillah, the auction of Abang Babe Cabita's Vespa went smoothly with the final price of Rp. 212,000,000. Masha Allah... May Allah bless and accept the good deeds that we have done and make them a continuous reward for my late husband (Babe Cabita)" said Fati Indraloka in her personal Instagram account.


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