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Captain of the Indonesian Women's National Football Team, Here are 7 Portraits of Shafira Ika Off the Field

Captain of the Indonesian Women's National Football Team, Here are 7 Portraits of Shafira Ika Off the Field Portraits of Shafira Ika Off the Field (Credit: Instagram/shafiraikaputri13) - Shafira Ika is known as a professional female football player from Indonesia. Currently, she is the captain of the Indonesian Women's National Team. With the increasing popularity of Shafira Ika, many netizens are curious.

In addition to her extraordinary talent on the green field, Shafira Ika also catches attention with her beautiful appearance. When off the field, Shafira Ika often poses in front of the camera like a professional model.

So, what are the portraits of Shafira Ika, the captain of the Indonesian National Football Team? Let's find out more information below.

1. Portrait of Shafira Ika

As a football player, Shafira Ika is often caught on camera in action on the green field. She has a strong and charismatic aura as the captain of the Indonesian National Team. However, it turns out that Shafira Ika also has a soft and feminine side that she shows through various Instagram content, KLovers!

2. Captain of the Women's National Football Team

Shafira Ika is not only a talented player but also a charismatic leader. It can be said that she already has a fairly long career. Last year, in 2022, Shafira Ika played in the Asian Cup qualifying round. Until now, her name has become widely known by the public.

3. 21 Years Old

Born on April 21, 2003, Shafira Ika is now 21 years old. On this special occasion, Shafira Ika uploaded a photo of herself on her Instagram. She looks elegant in a cream-colored dress with spaghetti straps.

4. Photo Outside the Field

Not only when playing soccer, Shafira Ika often shares moments outside the field. Her photos display an active and colorful lifestyle. She also has a diverse and classy fashion taste, KLovers!

5. Beautiful in a Dress

One interesting portrait is when Shafira wears a dress. In the elegant attire, her beauty shines even more. It's no wonder she impresses netizens. She can be considered a celebgram with 825 thousand followers on her Instagram.

6. Flexible in Posing

Not only skilled on the field, Shafira Ika is also flexible in posing in front of the camera. This is supported by her athletic body posture, making her look like a professional model. It is not an exaggeration that Shafira Ika often receives compliments in the comment section.

7. Enjoying Travelling

In the midst of her busy schedule as an athlete, Shafira Ika has time for traveling. As known, Shafira Ika also plays as a defender for the Japanese regional club, FC Ryuku Ladies. Occasionally, she shows moments of her travels in Japan.

Well, KLovers, those are a series of portraits of Shafira Ika outside the field.



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