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Hotman Paris Asks Codeblu about the Punch that Made Chef Arnold TKO in HSS Season 5

Hotman Paris Asks Codeblu about the Punch that Made Chef Arnold TKO in HSS Season 5 Arnold Poernomo © Herdianto - Codeblu's unexpected victory against Chef Arnold in the fifth Holywings Sports Show (HSS) series in Indonesia Arena, at Gelora Bung Karno Complex, Senayan. Many predicted that the professional chef would win, including the famous lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea.

Inside the stadium, there was more support for Chef Arnold compared to his opponent, Codeblu. Even when Codeblu first appeared in the arena, he did not receive much enthusiasm from the audience.

In the first round, Chef Arnold dominated the game with punches landed on Codeblu. In fact, in the second round, the food vlogger fell twice.

1. Arnold KO

The situation turned around entering the third round. Codeblu's powerful blow to the jaw made Chef Arnold fall, and eventually he was declared the winner by TKO (Technical Knock Out) by the referee.

Hotman Paris went up on stage to give the victory belt to Codeblu. At that moment, Hotman expressed his curiosity because in the third round Codeblu was able to turn the situation around.

"Earlier, I was sure that Chef Arnold would win because he has an athletic body. Look at this chubby guy," said Hotman while pointing at Codeblu's stomach, Sunday (21/4/2024).

The audience present in the arena burst into laughter at Hotman Paris' statement. Then, Hotman Paris asked about the punch that successfully knocked down Chef Arnold.

"Actually, it was just a lucky punch," answered Codeblu.

2. Codeblu Grateful

On that occasion, Codeblu also expressed gratitude for being the champion in the HSS season 5 boxing. He said that his victory was not possible without the support of those who believed in him.

"Thank you to God Almighty, we can gather and I am still standing. Thank you also to my family, my beloved wife.

Codeblu, who had previously announced his wife's pregnancy on social media, said that the victory was dedicated to his wife and the baby in her womb, whom he loved dearly.

"So I fight for my wife and my baby," Codeblu concluded.


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