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Collapsed After Being Hooked by Codeblue, Chef Arnold: Going Viral!

Collapsed After Being Hooked by Codeblue, Chef Arnold: Going Viral! Chef Arnold Purnomo lost to Codeblue © Herdianto - Chef Arnold Purnomo realizes that his defeat to Codeblue in the Holywings Sports Show (HSS) fifth series boxing match at Indonesia Arena, in Gelora Bung Karno Complex, Senayan, will have a long-lasting impact. A photo of him lying down after being punched in the jaw by Codeblue will become a hot topic on social media.

However, as a Masterchef judge, he doesn't mind and accepts the consequences. He is well aware that in every competition, there are winners and losers.

"It's going to go viral, I look falling down is okay. Netizens frying it is okay, it's fine, but again, when we play this game, we are always ready to win or lose," he said after the match on Sunday (21/4/2024).

1. Do Your Best

However, Chef Arnold has done his best with the routine training he has undergone for three months. Likewise, with good physical and mental preparation, Chef Arnold has done his best.

"Oh yes, well hook, I set aside time to fight here, the intention is to win or lose, we have all won, I did my best. I think my preparation is also mature," he said.

2. Leading in Two Rounds

Chef Arnold has also proven in the first and second rounds, always dominating with punches he has trained, making Codeblu overwhelmed. Unfortunately, in the round when his defense was open, Codeblu's punch hit his jaw heavily.

"Whether I win or lose, I have won from myself, look good. Sorry to disappoint everyone. Yes, that was just a sudden boom," explained Chef Arnold.

3. Not Losing Focus

The 35-year-old man also didn't want to be said to have been hit hard by Codeblu because he wasn't focused. He just didn't expect the punch that hit him to be so strong.

"I didn't lose focus, just didn't expect it. There was a glitch, and then it hit," he explained.

Although he lost in his first boxing match, Chef Arnold didn't give up and decided to continue practicing boxing. He already enjoys this adrenaline-filled sport.

"Of course (I will keep training), not just because of this," he concluded.


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