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Salting Action by Afgan While Representing Rossa Takes Home the 'Most Popular Throwback Song' Award at the SCTV Music Awards 2024 Stage

Salting Action by Afgan While Representing Rossa Takes Home the 'Most Popular Throwback Song' Award at the SCTV Music Awards 2024 Stage Portrait of Rossa & Afgan (© - Written by: Elmira Aubyn Azzahrina

The prestigious music event, SCTV Music Awards 2024, was just held on Tuesday night, May 14, 2024 at Emtek City Studios, Jakarta. The event was intended to give great appreciation to the extraordinary works of Indonesian musicians. That night was enlivened by a series of well-known Indonesian singers, such as Lyodra, Afgan, Budi Doremi, Chibi Chibi, Tiara Andini, Lesti Kejora, and many more.

There were many surprising things that happened on the SCTV Music Awards 2024 stage. One of them was the moment when Afgan announced the nominations for the 'Most Popular Throwback Song' category, which was won by Rossa. It is known that Rossa and Afgan are currently in a romantic relationship more than just friends. This instantly made the audience tease Afgan and made him embarrassed.

Instead of being curious, check out the complete information below!

1. Thank You Speech from Rossa

This Queen of Pop Indonesia has successfully won the award for 'Most Popular Throwback Song' for her song PUDAR which was released in 2004. The song is still popular until now and loved by her fans. She expressed her gratitude

"Thank you to the songwriter, my brother, Hendra Nurcahya. PUDAR has become the Most Popular Throwback Song even after two decades. Thank you to all Rossa's fans who have voted. Thank you SCTV Music Awards," Rossa said enthusiastically.

2. Funny Moment When Receiving the Trophy

Since Rossa couldn't attend that night, Afgan, as the presenter, immediately offered to deliver the trophy to Rossa.

"Congratulations to Oca. Since Oca couldn't come, I'll deliver it," Afgan said.

His action made Chibi Chibi and all the guests smile playfully while teasing him. Afgan even slipped and said 'thank you'. However, he was not the one who won the 'Most Popular Throwback Song' nomination. Oh, how funny it was, KLovers!

3. Praise from Fans

Due to her iconic status as a singer, Rossa received a flood of praise for her victory at the SCTV Music Awards 2024. The comment section of the @sctv account was filled with congratulations from fans for this famous diva.

"Congratulations, Teh Ocaa. Afgan will personally deliver the trophy to you," said one fan.

"Congrats legend @itsrossa910. My votes were not in vain..." added another.

"My forever Divaaa. Congratss."


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