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Share Whatsapp Number, Alan Walker Receives 50,000+ Incoming Messages and Invited to Family Group

Share Whatsapp Number, Alan Walker Receives 50,000+ Incoming Messages and Invited to Family Group Snapshot of Alan Walker sharing his Whatsapp number through Instagram story ( - Written by: Siska Dewanti

Jakarta is one of the destinations for Alan Walker's Asian tour titled Walker World Southeast Asia Tour Part 1. The tour or concert is planned to be held on Saturday, June 8, 2024, at Phantom PIK 2 Ground Park.

Leading up to the concert, Alan Walker shared three of his WhatsApp numbers, one of which is a local Indonesian number. Through his Instagram story, he instructed people to let him know if they want to come to his show in June.

Let's see the netizens' responses!

1. Get 50,000 Incoming Messages

Alan Walker's action of sharing his WhatsApp number was met with great enthusiasm from his fans. He received more than 50,000 incoming messages.

"Can't wait to see all of you at the Walkerworld show in July," Alan Walker wrote in English.

Through his Instagram story, he also informed that his number can still be used until the date of the show.

2. Invited to Family Group

The reaction from his fans turned out to be very unique and unexpected. Alan Walker was actually added to a family chat group.

"Ok, who added me to the family chat group?" Alan Walker wrote on his Instagram story, showing a picture of his face with the expression of 'oh, these netizens are really something' with his hand on his forehead.

3. Strange Contact Names

Based on the search from the get contact application, the 'just for fun' behavior of his fans apparently continues. The Indonesian contact numbers he shared were given strange and unique names by local netizens.

For example, the contact names given by his fans are "Mamang Alan, the real Nganjuk guy", "Bang Walker who sells meatballs in front of the alley", "Mas Walker, the dumpling seller in front of the mosque", and many other strange and unique names.


Disclaimer: This translation from Bahasa Indonesia to English has been generated by Artificial Intelligence.
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