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12 Latest and Highest Rated Korean Dramas in May 2023, DOCTOR CHA Soars and Makes JTBC Drama History

12 Latest and Highest Rated Korean Dramas in May 2023, DOCTOR CHA Soars and Makes JTBC Drama History Latest Korean Drama Ratings (credit: - The latest Korean drama ratings in 2023 are competing for the top position in May. Moreover, there are several Korean dramas that have a similar genre about the medical world like DOCTOR CHA and ROMANTIC DOCTOR.

Korean drama ratings are one of the measures of the popularity of these dramas, both nationally and internationally. This is because there are several rating categories that can be seen from the number of viewers, to cable TV services.

One popular method to measure drama ratings is through Nielsen Korea. Through its official website, Nielsen Korea regularly releases TV programs and dramas with their ratings. Curious about the latest and highest rated Korean dramas in May 2023? You can find out more about highly rated dramas in May 2023 below.


Korean drama TALE OF THE NINE TAILED 1938 has been released on May 6, 2023. Since its airing, TALE OF THE NINE TAILED 1938 has successfully attracted viewers' attention and achieved a fairly high rating. This Korean drama TALE OF THE NINE TAILED 1938 previously aired in 2020, but it is back with a new sequel in 2023.

Meanwhile, the rating of this Korean drama, which combines historical, horror, romance, and fantasy genres, reported by Soompi, has reached a national average rating of 7.1 percent. The rating of this Korean drama has increased even though only 2 episodes have been aired.


Korean drama DOCTOR CHA is equally popular with new drama releases in 2023. Airing since April 15, 2023, the drama DOCTOR CHA tells the story of the medical world, comedy, romance, and drama that relates to life.

Starring Uhm Jung Hwa, the latest Korean drama rating of DOCTOR CHA has skyrocketed. According to Soompi, DOCTOR CHA is one of the top five highest-rated Korean dramas in JTBC history. Meanwhile, the latest rating of DOCTOR CHA which recently aired episode 8 has reached an average rating of 16.2 percent. This number can be considered a significant increase from the previous rating and even the best rating achieved since the airing of the drama DOCTOR CHA.


The latest Korean drama rating THE REAL HAS COME! is not inferior in showing good news. Because, the Korean drama THE REAL HAS COME! still occupies the top position among other dramas. According to Soompi, THE REAL HAS COME! is known to have a national average rating of 20.4 percent. This rating becomes the highest rating for the latest Korean drama in the first week of May.

Meanwhile, previously the Korean drama THE REAL HAS COME! achieved a rating of 19.1 percent. The Korean drama THE REAL HAS COME! adopts the genres of romance, drama, and melodrama. Where, the synopsis of THE REAL HAS COME! tells the story of Oh Yeon Doo, known as an online Korean language teacher and internet celebrity.

In the midst of her career, Oh Yeon Doo, who is unmarried, becomes pregnant. One day she meets a doctor named Gong Tae Kyung who actually has a principle of not wanting to get married and have children. However, they end up getting involved in a contract that becomes the beginning of the romance story between Oh Yeon Doo and Gong Tae Kyung.


The latest Korean drama rating, BO RA DEBORAH, also shows good news. Because the drama, which aired on April 12, 2023, managed to achieve a rating of 1.2 percent. This latest Korean drama rating is considered to be increasing after previously being at 1 percent, 0.9 percent, and 1.1 percent.

Meanwhile, BO RA DEBORAH is the latest Korean drama in 2023 that adopts the genres of comedy, romance, and melodrama. BO RA DEBORAH is played by Yoo In Na and Yoon Hyun Min, who tell the story of a romance writer named Yeon Bo-Ra, who is also a popular love advisor. You can watch this drama through the Prime Video channel.


The latest Korean drama rating, DR. ROMANTIC 3, which aired since April 28, 2023, is also high. However, the rating of the fourth episode of the Korean drama DR. ROMANTIC 3 experienced a decrease of 12.3 percent. Whereas previously, the third episode of DR. ROMANTIC 3 managed to achieve 13.5 percent.

Nevertheless, this latest Korean drama is still popular among viewers. DR. ROMANTIC 3 is a sequel to the previous drama played by Lee Sung Kyung and Ahn Hyo Seop. You can watch DR. ROMANTIC 3 through its official channel on Disney+ Hotstar.


JOSEON ATTORNEY: A MORALITY is also included in the lineup of the latest Korean drama in 2023. This Korean drama revolves around the historical, legal, and romance genres, featuring Woo Do Hwan, Bona, Cha Hak Yeon, and others. Meanwhile, JOSEON ATTORNEY: A MORALITY achieved a rating of 3.2 percent on May 6, 2023.

This rating decreased from the previous 3.6 percent. Nevertheless, JOSEON ATTORNEY: A MORALITY managed to capture the attention of viewers due to its interesting story about lawyer Kang Han Su, who works for his own interests. You can watch this drama on Viki.


The latest Korean drama rating for THE GOOD BAD MOTHER in the first week of May 2023 reached 7 percent for the fourth episode. The latest Korean drama rating for THE GOOD BAD MOTHER has increased from the 5.7 percent rating of episode 3.

The drama THE GOOD BAD MOTHER revolves around the comedy, life, and family genres, featuring Ra Mi Ran, Lee Do Hyun, Ahn Eun Jin, and others. Meanwhile, THE GOOD BAD MOTHER tells the story of a mother who has a son named Kang Ho. She successfully raised her son to become a prosecutor. Previously, his mother raised Kang Ho with discipline and strictness. Until one day, an accident caused Kang Ho to revert back to being like a child. Whether she likes it or not, the mother has to become a parent figure again. You can watch this Korean drama on Netflix.


Rating 8.2/10 MydramaList
Durasi 42 minutes
Episode 6
Airing Netflix
Cast Kim Woo Bin, Song Seung Heon, Kang Yoo Seok
When talking about the ratings of the Korean drama 2023, BLACK KNIGHT cannot be forgotten. Moreover, this drama is highly anticipated by K-drama lovers because of its interesting concept. In general, this drama tells the story of an emergency situation in the year 2071. At that time, humans cannot survive without using oxygen masks due to severe pollution.

Now, the story in this drama revolves around a respected and considered hero by the community, a courier delivering basic needs. One of the most respected is 5-8 (Kim Woo-bin). He works as a courier with his friends while also taking action to eradicate gangsters. These bad people try to harm refugees or lower-class citizens who are not recognized as citizens.


Rating 8.7/10 Mydramalist
Durasi 1 hour 10 minutes
Episode 12
Tayang Netflix TVING tvN
Pemain Shin Hye Sun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Ha Yoon Kyung, Ahn Dong Goo
Next, a highly praised Korean drama titled SEE YOU IN MY 19TH LIFE. In this drama, you will witness Shin Hye Sun acting alongside Ahn Bo Hyun. Adapted from a fantasy webtoon, this drama tells the story of Ban Ji Eum, a woman who has lived eighteen lives and still remembers all the memories from her previous lives.

She is known as Yoon Joo Won and had a very close relationship with Moon Seo Ha in her previous life. However, their love story did not last long. Now, in the present life, she no longer holds back her feelings. She strives to have a relationship with Moon Seo Ha.


Rating 8.2/10 MydramaList
Durasi 1 hour 5 minutes
Episode 16
Tayang jTBC, Viki, Netflix
Pemain Lee Bo Young, Jo Sung Ha, Son Na Eun, Han Joon Woo
The Korean drama AGENCY also has a high rating. This drama tells the story of Go A-in (Lee Bo-Young) as the main character. In general, this drama focuses on her struggle to achieve success and overcome various obstacles in the business world. Moreover, she comes from a less privileged family. Nevertheless, she managed to build a career in the advertising agency industry.


Rating 8.4/10 Mydramalist
Durasi 45 minutes
Episode 12
Tayang Netflix
Pemain Park Gyu Young, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Chung Ah, Lee Dong Gun
CELEBRITY is also an interesting drama to watch. Especially with the high rating of this Korean drama starring Park Gyu Young. As the title suggests, this drama, which started airing on June 30, tells the story of a woman who becomes a celebrity. The main character is named Seo A Ri (Park Gyu Young) who has high popularity on social media. Furthermore, she works as an influencer and enjoys a glamorous life as a celebrity.

Not only the glamour of being a celebrity, but this drama also presents an interesting story about its dark side. In addition to Park Gyu Young's presence, this drama also features acting from Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Chung Ah, and Lee Dong Gun.


Rating 8.5/10 Mydramalist
Durasi 1 hour 20 minutes
Episode 16
Airing jTBC, Netflix, TVING
Cast Lee Jun Ho, Im Yoon Ah, Go Won Hee
The rating of the Korean drama titled KING THE LAND is also quite impressive. This drama tells the story of a man from a conglomerate family who owns a large company named King Group.

You will see Lee Jun Ho's performance as Gu Won, a young man who is known for being intelligent and influential. Unfortunately, Gu Won lacks experience in love affairs. He also strongly dislikes dishonesty from the people around him. The story becomes more exciting when one day he becomes trapped in a family conflict over inheritance.

That's a small part of the latest Korean drama ratings in 2023 that you need to know. Is your favorite drama here?


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