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6 Chinese Dramas About Clingy Girls Who Chase Love, Their Romantic Genre is Very Strong!

6 Chinese Dramas About Clingy Girls Who Chase Love, Their Romantic Genre is Very Strong! Chinese drama about clingy girls (credit: - A series of Chinese dramas often feature clingy girl characters. Like the romance genre, some female lead actors try to chase their partner's love.

Super adorable scenes in Chinese dramas about clingy girls often steal attention. Some characters portrayed in this Chinese drama highlight the main female character's journey in chasing love from the opposite sex. That's why the main female characters in this Chinese drama always want to stick to their partners.

No wonder, Chinese dramas about clingy girls offer sweet love stories, full of struggles and strong romantic moments. If you're curious, here are some recommendations for Chinese dramas about clingy girls chasing their partner's love.


Rating 8.3/10
Durasi 45 minutes
Episode 23 episodes
Tayang WeTV, Netflix, Viki
Pemain Hu Yi Tian, Shen Yue, Gao Zhi Ting, Wang Zi Wei, and others

Chinese drama about a clingy girl pursuing a romantic relationship with a boy, one of them being A LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL. This drama revolves around the genres of romance, comedy, life, and youth. Set in a school setting, A LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL highlights the story of the main female character named Chen Xiao Xi.

She is known as a beautiful teenager who always appears cheerful. Chen Xiao Xi is neighbors with a man named Jiang Chen. Not only is he handsome and popular, but Jiang Chen is also known for being intelligent in school. They both attend the same school. Their story becomes more exciting when Chen Xiao confesses her feelings of liking Jiang Chen. It is no wonder that viewers will witness Chen Xiao Xi's journey in pursuing Jiang Chen's love. This drama also showcases the main characters' story from their teenage years to adulthood.


Rating 8.4/10
Durasi 35 minutes
Episode 24 episodes
Tayang WeTV, Viki, and Prime Video
Pemain Jerry Yan and Xu Ruo Han

THE FORBIDDEN FLOWER is one of China's dramas about a clingy girl who is missed. This Chinese drama became a hot topic because it features the famous actor Jerry Yan. Meanwhile, THE FORBIDDEN FLOWER features a clingy girl character who pursues her partner's love. The character's name is He Ran.

By chance, she meets a man named Xiao Han. Then, He Ran falls in love with Xiao Han's voice. He Ran herself tries to pursue Xiao Han's love even though she is older. On the other hand, He Ran's life is always under her mother's control. Her strong desire to be close to the man creates many emotional and romantic moments.


Rating 8.4/10
Durasi 40 minutes
Episode 21 episodes
Tayang Viki and WeTV
Pemain Zhou Yu Tong and Li Xian

Drama WILL LOVE IN SPRING presents a sweet love story about a mortician. Zhuang Jie has to face the reality of her life changing after an accident, which causes her to have a physical disability. Despite this, she remains enthusiastic in pursuing her dreams.

By chance, Zhuang Jie meets a mortician makeup artist named Chen Mai Dong. Their shared profession brings them closer together. However, Zhuang Jie and Chen Mai Dong have contrasting personalities. Chen Mai Dong is known to be rebellious but also experiences loneliness.

In the early episodes, viewers will see Zhuang Jie trying to get closer to Chen Mai Dong. From their encounter, they find comfort and warmth in each other. Drama WILL LOVE IN SPRING will make viewers feel the meaning of the power of love.


Rating 8.6/10
Durasi 45 minutes
Episode 56 episodes
Tayang Viki and WeTV
Pemain Dilraba Dilmurat and Gao Wei Guang

Chinese drama about the next clingy girl is ETERNAL LOVE DREAM. This Chinese drama raises the genres of romance, wuxia, and fantasy. There is a main female character named Bai Feng Jiu or Xiangli Aranya who falls in love with an Emperor named Dong Hua.

Bai Feng Jiu is a Nine-tailed fox. Saved by Dong Hua, Bai Feng Jiu tries to get closer to him. This is done because she feels indebted to Dong Hua. Their togetherness actually grows the seeds of love between them. The drama ETERNAL LOVE DREAM successfully attracts attention by featuring a lineup of famous stars.


Rating 7.7/10
Durasi 45 minutes
Episode 34 episodes
Tayang Viki and YOUKU
Pemain Jerry Yan and Shen Yue

COUNT YOUR LUCKY STARS is a Chinese drama about a clingy girl that is fun to watch. COUNT YOUR LUCKY STARS highlights the story of a woman named Tong Xiao You. She is an ambitious designer. By chance, she meets Lu Xing Cheng, who is known as a famous figure in the fashion world.

This meeting makes Tong Xiao You start to be interested in Xing Cheng, despite his known arrogance. On the other hand, both of them go through an interesting journey due to the unlucky fate surrounding Tong Xiao You and Lu Xing Cheng. Now, both of them want to obtain luck and happiness.


Rating 8.4/10
Durasi 42 minutes
Episode 24 episodes
Tayang Viki, WeTV, Netflix
Pemain Xing Fei and Lin Yi

Chinese drama PUT YOUR HEAD ON MY SHOULDER is among the most popular dramas. It tells the story of the romance between two college students named Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi. By coincidence, they live in the same location. On the other hand, they have contrasting personalities.

Slowly, Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi become closer. Although they initially seemed incompatible, their relationship improves over time. And, the clingy girl character creates many cute and adorable moments in their love journey. Especially since Gu Wei Yi has a cold personality.

Those are the recommendations for Chinese dramas about clingy girls falling in love with their partners. The above dramas showcase romantic and sweet love stories with adorable scenes in every episode.


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