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7 Sick Male Lead Korean Dramas That Drain Tears, Here Are the Recommendations

7 Sick Male Lead Korean Dramas That Drain Tears, Here Are the Recommendations Sick Male Lead Korean Dramas (credit: - Korean dramas often tell stories that drain tears about main characters suffering from chronic illnesses. One of them is when the male lead character experiences a severe illness that threatens his life.

Sick male lead Korean dramas that drain tears present the stories of their characters with serious illnesses struggling to recover. Many fall but there are also those who successfully overcome critical times.

Curious about who are the sick male lead Korean dramas that drain tears? Check here KLovers.




Rating7.8 IMDb
Episode20 episode
Durasi60 minutes
AiringNetflix, WeTV, Viki, iQIYI
CastKim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy
Korean drama that tells the story of the main male character suffering from a severe illness, one of which is UNCONTROLLABY FOND. The main male character named Shin Joon Yeong suffers from nasopharyngeal cancer. Shin Joon Yeong is a famous actor who apparently has a deliberately hidden wound.

Initially, his relationship with his mother was not good enough. However, since he found out about his serious illness, he didn't want to leave with regrets. In addition, Joon Yeong deliberately hid his illness from his mother and underwent chemotherapy treatment. As his life is nearing its end, Joon Yeong reunites with his former love named Noh Eul. Now she works in a media company and is collaborating with the actor. Whether they like it or not, Noh Eul becomes involved with Joon Yeong again. This drama successfully brings tears because of its sad storyline and makes viewers emotional.



2. I'M SORRY, I LOVE YOU (2004)

Rating8.3 IMDb
Episode16 episode
Durasi1 hour 10 minutes
PemainIm Soo Jung, So Ji Sub, Jung Kyung Ho
Korean drama that tells the story of a character suffering from illness, I'M SORRY, I LOVE YOU. This drama portrays the life of a man named Cha Mo Hyuk, who had a tough life on the streets. Abandoned by his mother in Australia and living alone, Mo Hyuk wants to return to Korea to find his mother.

Furthermore, he falls ill after an accident. He hopes to spend the rest of his life in his own country with his mother. At first, Mo Hyuk thought his mother abandoned him because of their difficult life. But he discovers a different truth when he finds out that his mother is a wealthy artist. He intends to vent his pain through revenge. On the other hand, Mo Hyuk finds love in a girl who happens to be his mother's adopted daughter.




Rating8.2 IMDb
Episode16 episode
Durasi1 hour 3 minutes
AiringNetflix, Viki, Disney+ Hotstar
CastLee Junho and Won Jin Ah
Sick male lead drama who also suffers from an illness is JUST BETWEEN LOVERS. The male character named Lee Gang Doo experiences a severe injury due to an accident. He is a soccer athlete from the national team. Because of this situation, Gang Doo experiences physical and mental pain.

There is also a female lead character named Ha Moon Soo who also experiences an accident. They meet because they are involved in a job together. They find many similarities and feel comfortable with each other because they both have pain and trauma.




Rating7.6 IMDb
Episode12 episode
Durasi1 hour 12 minutes
AiringDisney+ Hotstar
CastShin Ye Eun and Lomon
The school-themed drama REVENGE OF OTHERS also features a male lead character experiencing a serious illness. The main character, Ji Soo Heon, is a self-reliant high school student who struggles to support himself. Moreover, he needs a lot of money for his mother's treatment.

Unfortunately, Ji Soo Heon also suffers from a brain tumor that requires immediate treatment. However, Ji Soo Heon chooses to live his life as usual for the sake of his mother's care. On the other hand, he must face several conflicts related to the mystery of the death of a student named Park Won Seok.



5. AMANZA (2020)

Rating8.3 IMDb
Episode10 episodes
Duration15 minutes
CastKim Ji Soo and Lee Seol
The next Korean drama with a sick male lead is AMANZA. This drama focuses on the adventure, life, fantasy, and melodrama genres. Meanwhile, the main character named Park Dong Myung, also known as Amanza, is suffering from a severe illness. He is in the final stage of stomach cancer.

He has to undergo intensive treatment at the hospital. During his treatment, Park Dong Myung is transported to a magical forest in a fantasy world. He discovers many things in that fantasy world and gains a deeper understanding of life.




Rating7.3 IMDb
Episode8 episodes
Duration35 minutes
Aired Viki
Cast Oh Sehun, Jang Yeo Bin, and Jo Joon Young
Sick male lead drama who also experiences illness is ALL THAT WE LOVED. This drama is set in the school world, highlighting the lives of teenagers. One of the main characters named Go Joon Hee experiences kidney failure. He is close friends with Go Yoo.

Seeing his close friend seriously ill, Go Yoo intentionally donates one of his kidneys. Their relationship becomes closer, but everything changes after they both develop feelings for the same girl. Initially friends, they now compete to win the girl's heart.




Rating7.8 IMDb
Episode24 episodes
Duration60 minutes
AiringNetflix and Viki
CastJo Jung Suk, Gong Hyo Jin, and Go Kyung Pyo
JEALOUSLY INCARNATE also tells the story of a main male character who experiences illness. His name is Lee Hwa Shin, a successful and popular news anchor. Unbeknownst to others, Lee Hwa Shin actually has breast cancer. This starts when his colleague, Na Ri, suspects that Hwa Shin has a similar illness to hers.

As a result, they both undergo examinations and receive treatment together. On the other hand, there is a heartwarming love story between them. However, their journey is not always smooth due to a man named Jung Won who also has feelings for Na Ri.

That's a Korean drama where the male lead character experiences illness. Interested in watching?




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