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Release of 'Oxygen', Myririz Collaborates with DJ Jayson to Introduce Afrobeat Music in Indonesia

Release of 'Oxygen', Myririz Collaborates with DJ Jayson to Introduce Afrobeat Music in Indonesia Myririz's collaboration with DJ Jayson releases the song Oxygen ©special - Ririz Sulistyowati, also known as Myririz, tries to prove her existence in the Indonesian entertainment world by releasing a single titled Oxygen. Collaborating with DJ Jayson, Myririz brings music.

The meeting between Myririz and DJ Jayson at a club led them to collaborate. At that time, DJ Jayson was performing and Myririz was fascinated by DJ Jayson's afrobeat music.

Afrobeat music is well-known among Millennials and Gen Z. DJ Jayson is one of those who is currently skilled in this genre of music.

"Because DJ Jayson is known by many Millennials and Gen Z for playing afrobeat, and I am a big fan of afrobeat. That's why I released this single in the afrobeat genre," said Myririz in Senayan, Jakarta, on Friday (28/6).

"Afrobeat is known among Gen Z and Millennials. If I want to introduce afrobeat more, that's true. Inside of me, I'm really excited, and I love afrobeat so much," added Myririz.

1. Challenge

In the process, Myririz admitted that she did not face any significant challenges. Since the beginning, she fell in love with the music sample given by DJ Jayson, a former winner of Duta Wisata. Myririz quickly wrote the lyrics.

"I wrote these lyrics in just 5 minutes on the way to the studio. When I heard Jayson's music, it was really cool. So, it's about someone who has been longing for love finally finding it," she explained.

2. Consistency in the Indonesian Music Industry

The presence of Oxygen is proof of Myririz's consistency in the music industry. For the past four years, Myririz has released a single on each of her birthdays. Previously, this woman, who is also active as an MC, has released three singles, namely "Beautiful Moment", "Baby I Miss You", and "Wanita Hebat".

Myririz has high hopes for Oxygen. With lyrics in English, Myririz hopes that Oxygen can be heard by a wider audience. The music video for the song Oxygen can already be enjoyed on MC Ririz Sulistyowati's YouTube channel starting from June 28, 2024.

"So that it can be more world wide and can be listened to by all people and in foreign countries. Hopefully, this song will color the Indonesian and international music scene, especially for afrobeat lovers," concluded Myririz.


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