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7 Portraits of Arumi Bachsin Unveiling the Behavior of a Bucin Husband, Immediately Rushing Home When His Wife Feels Lonely

7 Portraits of Arumi Bachsin Unveiling the Behavior of a Bucin Husband, Immediately Rushing Home When His Wife Feels Lonely Portraits of Arumi Bachsin revealing the behavior of a bucin husband (credit: Bachsin) - Celebrity couple Arumi Bachsin and Emil Dardak often showcase romantic portraits through their social media accounts. Recently, the beautiful artist born in 1994 revealed the bucin behavior of her husband that made her emotional.

In a social media post, Arumi Bachsin shared a screenshot displaying a private chat with her husband. The sweet behavior of Emil Dardak immediately became the center of attention for netizens who felt jealous seeing the romance between Arumi Bachsin and her husband.

Curious about the portraits of Arumi Bachsin revealing the bucin behavior of her husband? Check it out here, KLovers.

1. Portrait of Arumi Bachsin and Emil Dardak's Household

Arumi Bachsin and Emil Dardak officially got married in 2013. The celebrity couple's household is far from various malicious rumors. Their happiness is further complete with the presence of three beautiful children. Meanwhile, this couple always appears to be cohesive in various aspects of their lives, whether it's in their careers or taking care of their children.

2. Harmonious 10 Years of Marriage

Arumi and Emil often show how strong their relationship is as a married couple. Moreover, they have been married for 10 years. During that decade, Arumi Bachsin also witnessed her husband's successful journey in the world of politics. One of them is when Emil Dardak served as the 5th Vice Governor of East Java for the 2019-2024 period.

3. Always Affectionate and Romantic

Although they have been married for years, the affection between Arumi and Emil never fades. They often show affection on various occasions. In fact, there was a moment when Emil Dardak accompanied his wife shopping at the market. Seeing this fact, it is clear how they support each other's roles. On the other hand, many say that Arumi Bachsin has found the right partner and is blessed by her husband.

4. Admitting sadness due to loneliness

Arumi and Emil's marriage is always filled with happiness. Recently, Arumi Bachsin expressed her sadness to her husband who is currently away from home. In a post shared on social media, Arumi Bachsin admitted feeling sad and wanting to cry. However, she feels confused because she doesn't know the reason since her life is already complete.

"Darling, I want to cry. But, I'm confused about what to cry about. I have a husband, handsome and beautiful children, good health, thank God. I have money, skincare, and a house. I'm confused. But sad." Arumi Bachsin wrote as quoted from the @Arumi Bachsin account.

5. Revealing the Bucin Attitude of Husband

Apparently, the reason for Arumi Bachsin's sadness is because she feels lonely. Moreover, the screenshots of Arumi Bachsin's chat with her husband were known to be sent on Sunday night. In further explanation, Arumi Bachsin revealed her feelings to Emil Dardak.

"Feeling lonely, Sunday night wasted." She continued.

6. Immediately Rushing Home

It didn't take long for Emil Dardak to immediately reply to his wife's message. Seeing his wife feeling lonely, Arumi Bachsin's husband then decided to go straight home. In just 30 minutes, Emil Dardak was seen arriving at the house, greeted by his wife. Emil's quick return home successfully made netizens emotional.

"On my way back, my love." Emil Dardak wrote.

7. To Accompany a Sad Wife Because of Loneliness

Revealing the behavior of a clingy husband, Arumi Bachsin's story makes netizens envious. For your information, this celebrity couple always appear together on various occasions. It is not uncommon for Arumi Bachsin to accompany her husband's activities while serving as the Vice Governor of East Java. Despite being busy, Emil Dardak always makes time for his small family.

That is the portrait of Arumi Bachsin revealing her clingy husband's behavior. This celebrity couple often show caring and loving attitudes towards each other.


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