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7 Photos of Cut Syifa as a Fashion Show Model, Looking Beautiful During the Catwalk

7 Photos of Cut Syifa as a Fashion Show Model, Looking Beautiful During the Catwalk Photos of Cut Syifa as a Fashion Show Model (Credit: Instagram/cutsyifaa) - Cut Syifa is known as one of the talented young actresses in the country. Not only in the world of acting, Cut Syifa also works as a model, KLovers!

Recently, Cut Syifa uploaded a series of content when she became a fashion show model. Since wearing hijab in 2021, her appearance in a white dress is said to be refreshing. It's no wonder she received a lot of praise.

So, what are the photos of Cut Syifa as a fashion show model, looking beautiful during the catwalk? Let's find out more information below.

1. Portrait of Cut Syifa

Cut Syifa is an actress and model who has started her career in the entertainment industry since 2007. Her name became more popular since she portrayed the character Maesaroh in TUKANG BUBUR NAIK HAJI THE SERIES. Until now, Cut Syifa is still active on television.

2. Being a Fashion Show Model

Aside from being an actress, Cut Syifa also works as a model. Recently, this 25-year-old woman uploaded photos and videos of herself showcasing fashion. Cut Syifa's ability in fashion shows is unquestionable.

3. Wearing a White Dress

In this fashion show moment, Cut Syifa wore a white dress with a flared bottom. The dress has flower motif details. With a matching-colored hijab and added head accessories, the dress looks so elegant.

4. Looking More Elegant

When wearing a dress like Dimas Singgih Utomo's, Cut Syifa looks even more elegant. It's no wonder that her participation in the fashion show managed to attract attention. Netizens commented and were amazed by Cut Syifa's charm.

5. Her Aura Gives a Soothing Feeling

At the beginning of her appearance in the entertainment industry, Cut Syifa was not wearing a hijab. She decided to wear a hijab in 2021. Until now, Cut Syifa consistently wears Muslim clothing in her daily activities. Now, her aura is often praised for giving a soothing feeling.

6. Very Beautiful During Catwalk

In the Instagram post, Cut Syifa also uploaded a video of herself walking on the catwalk. The beauty of the Bekasi-born woman cannot be hidden. Unlike usual, where she often appears with natural makeup, this time Cut Syifa uses bolder makeup.

7. Flooded with Praise

The portrait of Cut Syifa as a fashion show model has sparked various comments. Cut Syifa's appearance in an all-white dress and hijab can be said to be a perfect combination. She also received a flood of praise for her elegant appearance.

Well, KLovers, those are a series of portraits of Cut Syifa as a fashion show model and looking very beautiful during the catwalk.



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