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Public Complain About Frequent Acting in Movies, Reza Rahadian is Relaxed: That's My Job as an Actor

Public Complain About Frequent Acting in Movies, Reza Rahadian is Relaxed: That's My Job as an Actor Reza Rahadian © Akrom Sukarya - Reza Rahadian is one of the active actors in Indonesia who stars in various genres of films. Because of that, every new work he releases, there is a negative comment saying 'Reza again, Reza again'.

Reza admitted that he used to be disturbed by this. The actor, born on March 5th, 1987, even questioned whether he worked that much.

"It seems like every time I act in a movie, this issue resurfaces. It's like the five-yearly election issue, it's almost similar. But now I respond to it calmly. In the past, I might have thought, 'Really?'. But now I'm relaxed. I can only be grateful because it's my job as an actor," said Reza when met in the Cipete area, South Jakarta, recently.

1. Invalid Comments

Reza Rahadian is no longer bothered by those complaints. Because looking at the hundred Indonesian film titles circulating per year, he is only involved in less than five titles.

"But if you say, 'Reza again, Reza again,' it seems increasingly invalid. Just imagine, there are so many Indonesian films, on average almost a hundred Indonesian films are released in cinemas every year. In the past three years, I have only been in two or three films per year. At least there are 97 films without Reza Rahadian," explained Reza.

2. Not Refusing If the Scenario is Suitable

As an actor, Reza Rahadian only acts professionally when working. When he is suitable for the offered scenario, there is no reason to refuse it.

"I can't see the film map, wanting this film or that film, it's not like that. I am chosen, I am hired. So based on that, as long as I am given the opportunity and I like the story, I do it," he said.


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