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5 Latest Rain Dramas that Must Be on Your Watch List, from Korean Dramas to Chinese Dramas - Some Airing This Year

5 Latest Rain Dramas that Must Be on Your Watch List, from Korean Dramas to Chinese Dramas - Some Airing This Year Latest Rain Dramas (credit: - Rain is a famous actor and singer from South Korea who always manages to attract fans' attention with his charismatic appearance and extraordinary talent. In recent years, there have been several latest Rain dramas that you must watch.

This article will review some recommendations for the latest Rain dramas, from Korean dramas to Chinese dramas that you shouldn't miss. For loyal Rain fans or those looking for quality entertainment, these recommendations should not be missed.

Let's check out some of the latest Rain dramas that you can watch. From Korean dramas to Chinese dramas with super epic stories. Let's check it out KLovers.

1. SKETCH (2018)

TayangDisney+ Hotstar, VIKI, Apple TV
PemainRain, Lee Sun Bin, Lee Dong Gun

Drama Rain's latest drama is titled SKETCH. It tells the story of the Nabi Project Team, a secret group under the National Police Agency that relies on Yoo Shi Hyun's unique ability to solve cases with sketches of future crime scenes or before they occur.

When detective Kang Dong Soo discovers Shi Hyun's sketchbook predicting the death of his fiancée, Min Ji Soo, the choices he makes trigger a series of tragic events. The hunt for a killer inspired by these predictions leads them to a larger conspiracy that controls their fate.

2. WELCOME 2 LIFE (2019)

Rating8.2 Mydramalist
Episode32 episode
Durasi35 menit
TayangVidio, VIKI, Apple TV
PemainRain, Im Ji Yeon, Kwak Shi Yang

Lanjut, ada drama Rain terbaru berjudul WELCOME 2 LIFE. Drama ini adalah drama fantasi yang mengisahkan pengacara egois yang mengubah hidupnya setelah terseret ke alam semesta paralel akibat kecelakaan.

Di dunia baru ini, ia menjadi seorang jaksa yang berjuang untuk keadilan, menghadapi tantangan moral dan menyelidiki rahasia yang mengubah pandangannya tentang hukum dan kebenaran.

3. GHOST DOCTOR (2022)

Rating8.6 Mydramalist
Episode16 episodes
Duration70 minutes
AiringNetflix, iQIYI, VIU, Vidio
CastRain, Kim Bum, Uee, Son Na Eun

In 2022, there is Rain's latest drama titled GHOST DOCTOR. It tells the story of Cha Young Min, a genius but arrogant doctor, who experiences an accident that causes his spirit to possess another doctor's body, Seung Tak. These two doctors have contrasting personalities and medical abilities. Young Min is indifferent towards patients.

He is only focused on his career, while Seung Tak is a lucky and wealthy resident doctor, but lacks enthusiasm for the medical profession. Their journey discovers kindness, and Seung Tak confronts the ghost of a doctor within him, bringing about significant changes in how they perceive life and medicine.

4. RED SWAN (2024)

Rating7.9 Mydramalist
Episode10 episode
Durasi49 minutes
TayangDisney+ Hotstar, Hulu
PemainRain, Kim Ha Neul, Jung Gyu Woon

Will soon air this year, the drama RED SWAN must be included in your watchlist. This latest drama by Rain tells the story of O Wan Su, a former successful golf player who now leads a foundation after marrying the heir of Hwain Group. He gets involved with Seo Do Yun, a former police college student who is skilled in self-defense.

Seo Di Yun is chosen to be O Wan Su's personal bodyguard. Do Yun then joins the security team of Hwain Group with hidden motives. Through Do Yun, Wan Su begins to uncover secrets related to the Hwain Family, facing new challenges in a seemingly perfect life among the upper class.


Rating- Mydramalist
Episode50 episodes
Duration45 minutes
Air Date-
CastRain, Victoria Song, Fu Xin Bo

And Rain's latest drama is a Chinese drama titled ENDLESS AUGUST. The exact air date for this drama is not known yet, but it seems to be in 2024. ENDLESS AUGUST is about Wei Yang, Lin Qiao, and Zhao Yan, close friends since high school and university. After graduating, they face their own lives.

Wei Yang works at a publishing company, Lin Qiao seeks opportunities in filming locations, and Zhao Yan works at a design company. The conflict between Lin Qiao and Wei Yang damages their friendship. Years later, Lin Qiao realizes her mistake, Zhao Yan finds her true love, and Wei Yang achieves success in both career and love.

Those are some of Rain's latest dramas that you can watch. With Rain's charm and talent, these latest dramas will provide unforgettable entertainment for his loyal viewers.


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