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[REVIEW] 'RED SWAN' Drama Kim Ha Neul - Rain, a Romance Story Wrapped in Action between a Conglomerate's Wife & Her Guard

[REVIEW] 'RED SWAN' Drama Kim Ha Neul - Rain, a Romance Story Wrapped in Action between a Conglomerate's Wife & Her Guard Kim Ha Neul - Rain ┬ęDisney+ Hotstar - The latest Korean drama RED SWAN, starring Rain and Kim Ha Neul, finally aired today, Wednesday (3/7). Presenting an exciting and challenging romance story wrapped in action, RED SWAN is one of the dramas worth watching.

In this drama, Kim Ha Neul portrays the character Oh Wan Soo, a former professional golf athlete who is married to a chaebol, the heir of Hwain Group, Kim Yong Kook played by Jung Gyu Woon. In a terrorist attack, she is saved by Seo Do Yoon (Rain).

Unexpectedly, in their brief encounter, Oh Wan Soo and Seo Do Yoon are reunited. Seo Do Yoon suddenly enters Hwain Group and is assigned to be Oh Wan Soo's personal guard.

1. Infiltrating to Uncover the Mystery of the Murder

Seo Do Yoon's entry into Hwain Group is not only to protect Oh Wan Soo, but also to uncover the mystery of who killed his friend. Before becoming a bodyguard, Seo Do Yoon was known to be a former police officer.

He witnessed his friend, who was also a police officer, being killed right in front of his eyes. Failing to capture the killer, Seo Do Yoon eventually found out that the killer was also targeting Oh Wan Soo's life.

2. Action Scenes Wrapped in Romance Loved by the Audience

Infiltrating as the personal bodyguard of a conglomerate's wife, Rain performs various exciting and challenging action scenes. Viewers of the drama RED SWAN will be indulged in Rain's macho aura as he fights against terrorists, ranging from chase scenes, fistfights, to using firearms.

Due to his current status as a bodyguard, Rain doesn't have many dialogues but focuses more on eyeball acting. Therefore, you will be satisfied with his expressive acting and sharp gaze for revenge actions.

Of course, this drama is not entirely filled with action scenes, the romantic element between the characters Seo Do Yoon and Oh Wan Soo is also something that the audience will love. The story of a conglomerate's wife who has been cheated on by her husband for years suddenly encounters a personal bodyguard who always protects her and is willing to risk his life.

3. Exciting and Intriguing Story

With all the intrigues, RED SWAN presents an exciting and intriguing story in every episode. Complete with the dramatic life of a chaebol family in Korea, the emotional war between Oh Wan Soo and Kim Yong Kook and Park Mi Ran, Oh Wan Soo's mother-in-law played by veteran actress Seo Yi Sook.

Who is the killer who took the life of Seo Do Yoon's friend? Who is behind Oh Wan Soo's terror mission in Manila? Will Oh Wan Soo and Seo Do Yoon finally fall in love and uncover the mysteries within Hwain Group?

Well, all these questions will surely be answered in every episode of RED SWAN airing exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar every Wednesday and Thursday with a total of 10 episodes.


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