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6 Recommendations for Teacher-Student Romance Korean Dramas that Successfully Make You Baper (Butterflies in Stomach), from First Love Moments - Becoming a Secret Admirer

6 Recommendations for Teacher-Student Romance Korean Dramas that Successfully Make You Baper (Butterflies in Stomach), from First Love Moments - Becoming a Secret Admirer Teacher-Student Romance Korean Dramas (credit: - Korean dramas always provide unique and interesting stories for you to follow. One of them is teacher-student romance dramas that are currently attracting the attention of viewers. The love story that develops in a school environment often depicts conflicts between professionalism and personal feelings, leading to moral dilemmas.

And creates thrilling tension and touches the heart. In this article, Kapanlagi will provide some recommendations for teacher-student romance Korean dramas by exploring interesting characters, as well as how they face challenges and trials that arise from this forbidden and dilemma-filled relationship.

So, what are the dramas? Let's check out the list of teacher-student romance Korean dramas that successfully make you baper (butterflies in stomach) below. Check it out, KLovers.


Rating8.0 Mydramalist
Episode32 episode
Durasi35 minutes
AiredPrime Video, VIKI, Apple TV
CastYoo Seung Ho, Jo Bo Ah, Kwak Dong Yeon

Romantic drama about a teacher and student for the first time in a drama titled MY STRANGE HERO. It tells the story of Kang Bok Soo who is accused of violence and expelled from school. He is even accused by his first love, Son Soo Jung, and his friend, Oh Se Ho.

After he goes to jail, as an adult, Bok Soo's life remains difficult. To seek revenge, he returns to the same high school and enrolls there again. However, it turns out that there is Bok Soo, who is now a teacher and is involved in a series of unexpected cases.


Rating7.7 Mydramalist
Episode16 episode
Durasi70 minutes
TayangNetflix, iQIYI, Vidio, VIU, WeTV, VIKI, Hulu
PemainLim Soo Jung, Lee Do Hyun, Jin Kyung

Continuing, the second teacher-student romance drama is MELANCHOLIA. This drama tells the story of a sexual scandal involving a math teacher and a student in a high school. However, after four years have passed, they meet again with the aim of uncovering the corruption scandal that occurred in the school and restoring their tarnished reputation.

Ji Yoon Soo is an enthusiastic and optimistic math teacher, while Baek Seung Yoo is a mathematical genius who has lost the will to fight after experiencing the scandal. They eventually collaborate to uncover the true truth and face various obstacles laid down by those who want to cover up the corruption.


Rating8.3 Mydramalist
Episode16 episode
Durasi70 minutes
TayangNetflix, iQIYI, VIU, VIKI, Prime Video
PemainJang Ki Yong, Lee Hye Ri, Kang Han Na

Not a school, this time there is a teacher-student romance drama in the campus area. The drama MY ROOMMATE IS A GUMIHO tells the story of Shin Woo Yeo, a handsome and smart writer and lecturer, who is actually a nine-tailed fox aged 999 years old that collects human energy in a bead to become human.

One day, Lee Dam, a student at his campus, falls asleep on her expensive car. When Lee Dam tries to leave and Woo Yeo tries to help, Woo Yeo's bead accidentally falls and is swallowed by Lee Dam. The bead must be removed within one year or it will break and cause Lee Dam's death.

4. WHY HER (2022)

Rating8.1 Mydramalist
Episode16 episode
Durasi70 menit
TayangNetflix, VIU, VIKI
PemainSeo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Youp, Heo Joon Ho

Masih di kampus, kali ini ada drakor romansa guru dan murid berjudul WHY HER. Kisah ini mengikuti Oh Soo Jae, mitra termuda di kantor hukum bergengsi TK Law Firm, yang dikenal sebagai salah satu pengacara terbaik. Namun, ketika salah satu kasusnya berakhir buruk, kariernya runtuh dan dia diturunkan menjadi asisten profesor di sekolah hukum setempat.

Bertekad untuk mendapatkan kembali posisinya, Soo Jae berusaha menyesuaikan diri dengan peran barunya. Di sana, dia bertemu Gong Chan, seorang mahasiswa dengan masa lalu yang menyakitkan namun berhati hangat, yang mulai jatuh cinta padanya. Dengan dukungan Gong Chan, Soo Jae berjuang untuk memulihkan posisinya di firma hukum.


Rating7.9 Mydramalist
Episode16 episode
Durasi70 menit
PemainJung Ryeo Won, Wi Ha Joon, So Ju Yeon

And the next drama is THE MIDNIGHT ROMANCE IN HAGWON. This latest romance drama about a teacher and student tells the story of Lee Joon Ho, who after leaving a big company, returns to the academy where he used to study and now works as a tutor.

There, he meets his first love, Seo Hye Jin, who has been a Korean language instructor at the academy for 14 years and is very popular. When Seo Hye Jin's life starts to calm down, Lee Joon Ho, her former troublemaker student, reappears in her life as a fellow instructor, creating chaos around her.

6. HIERARCHY (2024)

Rating7.6 Mydramalist
Episode7 episode
Durasi65 minutes
PemainRoh Jeong Eui, Lee Chae Min, Kim Jae Won

And there is another 2024 student-teacher romance drama called HIERARCHY. It tells the story of Jooshin High School, an exclusive and prestigious school, where students like Jeong Jae Yi, Kim Ri An, Yoon He Ra, and Lee Woo Jin have been destined for success since birth due to their family wealth.

However, the arrival of Kang Ha, who is full of secrets, disrupts their tranquility. His innocent presence begins to reveal cracks behind the school's grandeur, jeopardizing the future and the established, complicated, and complex relationships among the students.

Those are some student-teacher romance dramas that you can watch. Korean dramas with a teacher-student theme in the romance genre offer deep, emotional, and unforgettable stories.


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