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Good News for Korean Drama Lovers, Wi Ha Jun Will Come and Greet Fans in the Homeland

Good News for Korean Drama Lovers, Wi Ha Jun Will Come and Greet Fans in the Homeland Wi Ha Jun © Mountains Ave - Good news for drakor lovers, South Korean actor Wi Ha Jun will hold a fan meeting in Jakarta. The man born in Suando, August 5, 1991, will directly greet his fans in Indonesia in an event titled A Wively Day.

Three Mountains Ave as the official promoter in Indonesia stated that Wi Ha Jun's fan meeting in Indonesia will take place on September 28, 2024, at The Kasablanka Hall. This is the first time the actor, who is often called Mas Wiwi, will visit Indonesia.

Three Mountains Ave stated that Wi Ha Jun will conclude his Asian tour in Jakarta, after previously visiting Seoul, South Korea, as well as two cities in Japan, and then the fan meeting will continue in Bangkok, Thailand, and Manila, Philippines.

1. About Wi Ha Jun

Wi Ha Jun's latest drama, THE MIDNIGHT ROMANCE IN HAGWON, has just finished airing, where he played the main character alongside actress Jung Ryeo Won. This drama achieved high ratings in South Korea.

Wi Ha Jun's popularity has skyrocketed since appearing in the series 18 AGAIN that aired in 2020. His acting has impressed viewers even more with the excellent dramas SQUID GAME (2021) followed by THE WORST OF EVIL (2023) alongside Ji Chang Wook.

In this fan meeting, Indonesian fans not only have the opportunity to greet Mas Wiwi directly but also have the chance to do a Hi-Touch, which is valid for all ticket holders.

Here is the price list for the four ticket categories and Wi Ha Jun's meeting that can be booked starting from July 12th:

* VVIP: Rp 2,780,000

* VIP: Rp 2,380,000

* CAT 1: Rp 1,880,000

* CAT 2: Rp 1,280,000

Ticket prices do not include taxes and administrative fees.


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